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To Cryptic Studios,

A few things I noted while playing may be interesting suggestions, comments or as said above bugs.

First Warping should Auto Adjust or at least not warp into a planet, kinda disturbing! lol

Second you should be able to access destinations via the mission tracker, less hassle for all players I'm sure that would be welcome!

Third the Tricorder should home in on anomalies as well as sensors in ships so you r not super lost and frustrated; Maybe an arrow as we can't actually see the displays but it would make sense (as some anomalies are harder to find than others in space and the ground.)

Fourth Auto join for friends if they are on, so that you don't have to search for them, and wait for them to complete a mission to find out where they are.

Fifth Teeth in Character builder (Maybe some jagged or other star trekkie options!)

Sixth, sometimes when you warp, your ship comes back for two seconds before the next map/level loads like it went around the galaxy or something.

Seventh for the bridge, you should be a sitting in the chair not beaming off the bridge when you go back to a tactical view (just makes more sense, where would you be beaming to cold space?)

Eighth and final comment Real/working displays for the bridge relevant to player and vessel data (maybe an outline made from your ship design I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard!)

Thanks for listening, hopefully these are considered and maybe even implemented.

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