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# 1 Bugs I noticed
01-17-2010, 06:43 PM
A major problem about beaming down without a crew really stinks. What do you think the guys in the red shirt are for! This needs to be fix!

Long load times to instance:
a) May cause a disconnect.
b) 50% chance of losing team mates if load time is too long or hangs

Still appearing as a ship on station and appearing in character in space. Usually a minute or so to fix itself, but then you are getting ganked if it is a hotzone.

Now and then my ship is unable to fire beam weapons until the next major engagement. This happens randomly.

If running a mission solo it is rare that I get the ‘next respawn point’ I usually have to start all the way from the beginning., but if I am in a group, then the next respawn point updates like dream.

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