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# 1 [Bug List] Ivon's Bug List
01-17-2010, 06:26 PM
--Quest: Hide and Seek--

At least I think it was that quest.

it's the quest that offers Officers or your choice of 'uncommon' (green) Kits.

The specific kit would be the 'uncommon' version of the kit that gives you the photon gernade (kit you recieve when beaming down to rescue the colonist from the borg in the tutorial).

Anyway, I picked the Tact Kit...problem is I never recieved the kit; but appears I did recieve the other rewards (merits, skill points, etc). I even checked my ship's Assignment-tab to see if I accidently picked an Officer; no extra officers beyond the 3 I have assigned (Tact, Eng, Science).

Checked my inventory; nothing
Logged, exited, re-launched, relogged; nothing.


--NPC Messages--

Occasionally, I get stuck in and endless message dialog where if I click [Exit] or click the ' X ' the message will pop back's annoying when you're in combat and this bloody message box keeps poping up in your face.


<more to come>

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