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My poor lonely Reman Haelyr is looking for a fleet to call home. As a player, I'm more than willing to help with fleet projects (and give Dilithium, too! I know, it's rare) and as an RPer I can provide a stern, but dutiful Reman who is wary of Romulan trickery but nevertheless trusts in Obisek's leadership and judgement, and thus begrudgingly accepts the Reman-Romulan alliance.

Things to note if you're looking to add a Reman to your numbers: He's least likely to join any Fleet inspired or built around the idea of the Romulan Star Empire or Tal'Shiar.

Contact me @ Haelyr@undyingzero if you want a Reman on your side :3

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The Romulan Praetorian Guard may just be what you are looking for. We are a formerly large KDF-RR/RSE RP fleet with an (almost) Tier 3 Starbase, and we are slowly growing back to our previous numbers.

Though low-quality, this is our temporary website. Our official, though inactive website. is on the bottom.

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