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We are Fed and KDF allied sister fleets.

New Legacy is a fleet that has a goal of growing, helping new members, and having a good time while doing it. If you need any help please ask. It is our desire to provide a fun and challenging gaming enviroment. When you have questions or need some help, we won't throw you out an airlock. Running as a team is something we love to do whether it's helping you level up, earn your gear, or learn how the STFs work. We won't insult you and we will listen to your ideas for the fleet. While some of our leadership is fairly young, most of our leadership began in Beta.

House of Legacy is a laid back fleet that's tired of all the requirements of immature KDF Fleets. We believe in Real Life First with none of the hog wash where you are not allowed to speak up or give your input. So get out of the Grind and enjoy yourself in a Fleet that cares about its members!

Our fleets' website is

Our Youtube channel is New Legacy Guild Youtube Channel

Our Facebook page is New Legacy Guild Facebook Page

Our Steam Channel is New Legacy / House of Legacy NLHoL

Follow us on Twitter @newlegacyguild

New Legacy Guild's No Rudeness Policy:
Any member who insults, is rude to, or disrespectful in anyway to another member in the guild provides means for removal from the guild.

New Legacy Guild's RLF Policy:
We understand and fully enforce that RLF (Real Life First) is the main focus.

We will never punish, remove, or discipline a member because they can not come to a meeting, event, or any other guild interaction.

Contact @QFISH, @muncheee1, @Pappy02us, @Tiberius_805, @jimmed, @yojimbojohn, @NCODB, @woobish, @Texasborn, @Texaswilson,

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02-06-2014, 03:49 AM
Hey, all!

We've been rocking out this new ship this week and some of us could not wait for it so we used our Lobis O.o

This weekend we are looking to put our two sister fleets, New Legacy and House of Legacy, against each other in some crazy PvP fun and see who has the best build. Bring your ship and I'll supply the bloodwine and the cookies!

See ya there!
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04-09-2014, 12:16 AM
We are gearing up for some live streaming this week. Come check us out
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10-15-2014, 03:18 PM
Hello! How is everyone enjoying the new Delta Rising? Have you mastered a ship yet? Made it through the story line? We want to hear about it. (No spoilers, please)

Do you find your self in need of a fleet? Ever wonder if there's anyone online when you are? Just a reminder that New Legacy and House of Legacy are out there running PVEs and story lines and willing to help or run with anyone available. Just look for us ingame and/or send us a PM.



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