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Apparently i can only see the shield status of the first person in the group everyone else shows up having no shields.

Its a pain in the ass to heal a group when i have to guess who to heal, because the only person i can see taking shield damage is the first person on the group list.

It could be because i resized the UI and it can't compensate for the size. I only shrunk the UI about 10-15% scale from its standard form.

Also while ur at it...

I am not sure if this is a bug or not but beam overload doesn't stack with subsystem targetting. Their both on completly seperate cooldown cycles, yet i am unable to overload my beams then hit subsystem target shields to take them out. It would be nice if they both worked together then maybe ill find some use for subsystem targetting because right not it seems to be flaky as hell in its usefulness. It takes forever to execute and barely lasts 3-4 seconds. Apparently the best form of CC in this game is DPSing harder.

Last one:

The Sensor jamming probe is USELESS in its travel time.

The thing is slower than me at max speed, the graphic is hardly noticable, (give it a glow effect on the probe so u can see where it is) -and the green puke aura the mobs get while "confused" doesn't apply sometimes, and it applies AFTER the effect finished. There is a HUGE delay between the probe finally hitting and the confuse taking effect as well. The only use i have found for this skill so far is hitting it at full impulse while diving into a group of NPc's and dropping the probe at point blank range, to buy the tank the honors of not eatting the initial burst salvo. So far this skill is useless if u fire it at 10km its pointless, by the time the probe hits all the npc's are dead.

Conclussion: Buff the speed of the probe atleast 100% and maybe give it 15km range so it has atleast some use at initial aggro CC. This skill has great potencial its just buggy as hell right now. It needs some attention.

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