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There have been some time since Purity. and KDf did not get thier own verson of it.
(Wall of text coming)

I been thinking over this and at that time got an idea.
a new series of missions. but they will be themed that Fed get's a exploration. KDF get to hunt.

the FED Version. on a planet that is set as a natural preserve there have been sightings of something strange.
Hikers and Starfleet academy classes have all seen tracks they cannot identify or seen an "animal" they cannot explain. Some Hikers have even been attacked or have had their camps attacked. Now Starfleet wants you to investigate what they are seeing. Is it a lifeform known to the planet, a brought in animal. Or is it something else.

KDF version. A strange and Dangerous animal has been sighting on a world inside the Empires border. Now you have the chance to prove yourself as a great warrior. find and kill this animal for the honor of your ship or House. But be aware. you not the only one gunning for the prize and your competitorsare willing to use any mean necessary to win. Q'apla!

just like Purity each mission will have a different author. the problem is that there is no authors who have signed up for it yet. anyone interested let me know here.
i will be handling the main coordination if so. i will also appoint someone to handle the main KDF story if needed.
any other Questions ask them here and I answer as quick as I can.

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