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# 1 Star Trek: Rubicon (Season 2)
02-10-2014, 07:52 AM
Destiny. For centuries, society has questioned its validity. We are assigned the task of ensuring its correct path. We are the "gods" that walk among you, shaping time's path. Ours is the most difficult task: to right mistakes in the timeline and to make the decisions that all of galaxy relies on. And, in the in, we make sure that we, and all who are with us, return home.

Ep 1 "To See it All Happen Again"
A short, quirky looking man walked on the street of New York City in the year 1930. It was dark, and the wind was whipping at him. He tugged at his overcoat and clung to it tenaciously. He looked out into the road. A man had run across it to the left side, where he was now, and cheerfully embraced a friend of his. A woman followed. The short man glanced out through his gold-brownish colored glasses.
Zosni watched from inside his replicated overcoat. The woman raced across the street, but she was not quick enough. A vehicle ran her down as she attempted to make it to the others. The blondish haired one held the brown haired friend he had joined and kept him from helping the woman. The brown-haired one with a bit of a southern accent, and more so a dialect, began yelling.
"Definite predestination paradox. Stand by to beam up," Zosni reported into his combadge. He hurriedly raced behind a dumpster in an alley. The glow of the transporter soon surrounded him.

"Star Trek: Rubicon" Season 1, Season 2 A new era, a new time, a new crew, a new ship, a new mission...
"I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment because it will never come again."- Jean-Luc Picard
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02-10-2014, 08:40 AM
Captain's Log: Stardate 563110.7473046677
It has been one year since this aberration came into effect and began our mission. We have been investigating the aberration and other temporal incursions in the past. Commander Kandir Zosni is observing the Edith Keeler Incident and Inas is observing the Miral Paris Incident. The Rubicon itself is viewing the 2387 occurrence that caused the destruction of Romulus and the death of one of the greatest Vulcan scientists ever known, Spock. We are observing the effects of this unique type of black hole on space-time.

The timeship rested, out of sync with spacetime (in order to not interact, of course.). It viewed an exploding star; the Hobus star, no doubt. Huge arms of plasma and burning gas shot from it. Two ships of unusual make sat in front of it.
"The Narada and the Jellyfish, sir," Parvius said uneasily.
"So why is that Romulan vessel so... unusual?" Maxwell asked from the captain's station where he sat at controlling some of the ship's actions.
"It was retrofitted with Borg technology that the Romulans had found. They altered the Borg technology to make it more Romulan so it could better harmonize with the Narada's systems. They also wanted it to be more like their own technology," Parvius confirmed with his voice quivering.
"What's wrong, Lieutenant," Ovirosch inquired.
"It's just not easy to view this. This was a terrible time for my people. It destroyed Romulus..."
"But it also gave the Romulans a chance to rebuild something better. And they did. They created the Romulan Republic," Ovirosch said. "How odd. The Romulan culture mimicked the Romans of Earth. But instead of transforming from Republic to Empire, it was the exact opposite," Ovirosch mused about the paradox. "Well, it really was the Era of Change. Even the Klingons became more democratic when Miral Paris was installed in 2411."
Weih stood at the temporal transporter. He operated it and pillars of light particles moved vertically around two humanoid figures. Inas and Zosni were back.
"Well, Zosni, did you learn any leadership skills from observing the great James T. Kirk?" Ovirosch asked humorously.
"I am uncertain," Zosni replied.
"Well, now your here and can help us investigate this," the captain said.
The crew watched as the star was swallowed into a black hole created by the Jellyfish. The Narada and the Jellyfish were simultaneously taken in, each in opposite ends of the hole.
"Observations, Commander Bayeb?" Ovirosch asked.
"Some. Seeing as how the study of black holes has improved over the centuries, we can now better understand these anomalous black holes. These created by red matter form a black hole with more of a tunnel-like structure and pull, instead of a vortex like others. These tunnels appear to have connections to other black holes created simultaneously, but in another time and place. I will attempt to modify sensor to better detect the tunnels relation to the space-time continuum," the science officer said.
"Good, make it happen," Maxwell commented.
"There. Sir, instead of going into our past, it has broken the quantum barrier. It has forced a stable passageway through our timeline and into the past and created another parallel timeline."

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02-11-2014, 06:41 AM
Guest starring William Shatner as James T. Kirk (prime)
Leonard Nimoy as Spock (prime)
Chris Pine as James T. Kirk (alternate)
Zachary Quinto as Spock (alternate)

"Collect any other necessary information then take us back to the Continuum for further analysis," Maxwell ordered.
"Aye, Captain," Bayeb complied. Xaz's large claws moved across the console. Moments later, they were back in the long energy composed cave of the Intertemporal Continuum.
"Captain, I'm detecting a ship Federation design and registry," the Romulan Security officer announced. "It's Utopia-class."
"It reads a - 440 on the quantum dating scanners. Sensors indicate it has one living being on board. The ship is badly damaged," Bayeb said.
"Registry is NCC-100432," Parvius said.
Ovirsoch searched the number in the ship's historical files. "That's the USS Descartes. It was last seen four hundred and forty years ago. With a resurrected James T. Kirk on board. It was swallowed by when two black holes got into one another's event horizons and converged. Kirk was willing to sacrifice himself as was his grandson, Timothy Kirk, who was artificially created by combining his DNA with a former s female companion. They flew the Descartes down the anomaly to collapse it and save the USS Enterprise-G. Captain Spencer accounted in his logs it was like having the baton officially being passed on to him.
"Open a hailing frequency. Let's see who survived."
An old white-gray haired man wearing a 2440's Starfleet uniform sat in the captain's chair. He looked disturbed and unsettled. He cleaved to the arms of the chair as things exploded behind him. James T. Kirk looked up in fear.
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02-12-2014, 11:46 AM
The old man, weathered by time, looked quite disheveled. "Who are you?" he asked quietly.
"My name is Captain Maxwell Ovirosch of the timeship Rubicon," the captain said dramatically.
"Who are you affiliated with?" Kirk asked across the viewscreen.
"We are with the Federation," Ovirosch answered.
"Ovirosch? Strange name. Are you human?" Kirk inquired.
"Yes. As for the name, one of my early ancestors were from a planet known as Kepollia. They are indistinguishable from humans. In fact, it is suspected somehow they are a human offshoot. The farthest trace I can make back of my family is to Allister Ovirosch, who came from Kepollia in 2511," Ovirsoch explained. "Kepollia was located in Cardassian territory so for a while, contact with the Federation was impossible."
"What year do you people come from?" Kirk asked.
"Currently, 2886. Stardate 563110.74."
"Sir," Parvius shouted. "The Descartes' warp core is destabilizing."
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02-12-2014, 12:48 PM
"Weih, beam Kirk aboard," Ovirosch ordered.
The Deferi quickly did so. "Switching from temporal mode to standard mode to avoid chroniton radiation." Moments later, Kirk came into being. He stumbled, but he was helped up by Weih.
Ovirsoch pressed for intercom. "Doctor Hyphol to the bridge. We have an injured man up here." He said.

Kirk rose up in sickbay. "How are you feeling?" the alien doctor asked him.
"Distraught, but I'm fine physically," he replied.
"Yes, I understand you lost someone," the white-haired man with rounded ears attached to his head and a diamond shaped cartilage-bone growth on his nose connecting to his lower forehead.
"Do you know what it's like to lose a son?" the patient asked the doctor.
"In a way," the doctor said with emotion in his voice. "In a way, I may never have had a son. I had two. But the world they existed in is now gone."
"I have lost three now. One was never born. One was killed by a Klingon. And one that I never knew was born, because he was created from my DNA. If there is something that kills me, it is knowing I never passed on the name of 'Kirk.' At least I had other relatives that were able to," Kirk said, ending his thought.
"Well," Hyphol said, hastily changing the subject. "I healed your injuries received on the Descartes and you should be good to go."
"Where is your restroom?" Kirk asked awkwardly. Hyphol glanced at him questioningly. "You people from the 29th century do urinate, don't you?"
"Oh, the toilet," Hyphol realized. Then he said sarcastically. "No, we just secrete the urine off our skin and it vaporizes. You know, Darwinism." He laughed looking at an unconvinced Kirk. "Over there." He said pointing to a door.
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Guest starring Scott Porter as Gary Mitchell
Joe Lo Truglio as Captain Tokahashi

A capsule floated alone in empty space. the torpedo casing shimmered with starlight. It perpetually glided in the void of nothingness. For seven yeas it had done this, headed to no destination in particular. Up ahead, the USS Winfield Scott warped across space.
"Captain, we're picking up an object in space," the jerky voiced Edosian science officer said.
"What is it?" the Asian human captain asked. Captain Tokahashi folded his hands in front of him.
"It appears to be a torpedo casing," then in an alarmed voice, he said, "I'm detecting that something is living on it."
"Buried alive in space? Alert the transporter room. Lets beam it into the brig."

The minute captain ran into the brightly white brig. He watched the form a capsular torpedo case some into existence as atoms swirled around with the transporter humming. The process was complete and it laid their ominously.
"What can you tell us about the life form, Arex?" Tokahashi asked.
"It is humanoid. I am detecting enormous amounts of brain activity and pscionic energy-" as Arex was saying this, lightning poured out of the sides of the capsule. The casing broke apart and flew across all sides of the brig.
A dark figure stood inside the cell, silver-blue eyes glowing. Sparks showered as the field in the entrance of the cell died. The figure walked out. He stared straight at Tokahashi. The figure held up his palm and lightning bounced off them and into the commanding officer's chest.
Arex ran and acquired a phaser rifle. He blasted it at the figure. Arex fired and fired and fired again, but he could still do no good. He fled for the turbolift as his captain sprawled in agony.
Once he reached the bridge, he yelled for the Xcayini comm officer to put out a distress signal. "Dispatch security teams to the brig. Fight him however we can."
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Kirk walked with Ovirosch and Hyphol into the counselor's room.
"Am I really that much of a menace to the Department?" Kirk asked defensively.
"Yes!" Ovirosch exclaimed. "You ought to be thankful that it was the Rubicon that found you and not the Momentum or the Pastak. Kenneth would have strangled you had he found you. But speaking of that, Braxton would have literally strangled you had he found you. He was a little unstable.
"But it is still an honor to meet you."
"Why is this counselling necessary? Can't just send me home? Isn't this going to pollute the timeline when you do?" Kirk asked.
"Well, the way we see it you no longer belong in your time. It would destroy our future if we sent you back. that is another reason we're having you talk to the counselor. To help you cope with your loss and to help you build your new life in the 29th century," Ovirsoch explained.
"I guess I understand," Kirk said. "So Aolia is your counselor? Why didn't we ever have a counselor? Security officers were dying all the time on the Enterprise. This isn't fair!" Kirk joked in a wry way. "But Bones' Saurian brandy always worked, too."
Aolia walked out of the door connecting to her personal quarters. "Thank heavens, you still have attractive females in the 29th century," Kirk whispered to Hyphol.
Aolia motioned Kirk to the couch. "Now if you don't mind, I am going to place my hands on your temples so that I can feel your emotions and better understand your problems."
"You can touch be however you please," Kirk said suavely.
"He hasn't got any subtler with age," Hyphol whispered to Ovirosch.

"So we could theoretically travel through this 'temporal singularity tunnel' to the alternate reality? It would be helpful for reconnaissance and research," Ovirosch spoke to Bayeb in the captain's office as the Sellolsian described his theories about the black hole.
"Yes, Captain, our ship's armor and if we modify the shields correctly, it will be equipped to sustain such strain," Bayeb confirmed.
"Good," Ovirosch said walking on to the bridge. "Inas, take us to stardate 64396.333460172624. Spatial coordinates 000.45.67-mark-0876.34 epsilon. Have Thelys make the updates to the shields to sustain the strain."

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02-15-2014, 08:58 AM
"I am going to have Commander Zosni talk to you about the Federation in which you live in now, to help you catch up," Aolia said after she had finished talking to Kirk.
Zosni walked in, holding a hanger with a 29th century DTI uniform on it. "I assumed you wanted to update your attire." He stated, handing the uniform to Kirk.
"Are you human?" Kirk asked Zosni.
"No, no I'm not," Zosni said.
"Back in some of the most wondrous days of my career there was only one alien on board the ship, and now there are more aliens than humans," Kirk said.
"The Federation has grown. It has grown to include about 48% of the galaxy. And so with it, Starfleet has grown. The Department of Temporal Investigations is, naturally, a division of Starfleet. You I believe will be able to recall the creation of the Department. That was when the Enterprise used matter and antimatter fusion to travel away from a dying Psi 2000 and thus your engines were flooded with chronitons after a time warp. A committee set up by Starfleet and headed by Meijan grey explored the possibility of time travel, but they were still quite primitive and that resulted in an enormous mess. Luckily, they straightened it out. Starfleet became wary of time travel and ever quite had the courage to build another timeship. But, in times of emergency, they did use what you and your crew discovered. The sling shot effect was used in various scenarios. Then in 2372, Clazorus Vissyr Kazove was born on Zyrvos and he became infamous for multiple temporal incidences but became famous for his contributions to tempology, a word he also neologized. He for a long time studied with E.M. Rauch, who went on to found the study of chronodynamics, or the study of time travel itself. So in 2664, E.M. Rauch joined with the Department to created the USS Adams," Zosni stood up and went over to touchscreen monitor device embedded in the wall. "Aka the Henry Adams." He said as he typed instructions into a pad. "Named after him because he was a historian, and because of the ominous nature of the timeship's creation. After all, time travel could end up 'blowing up the world and causing humanity to commit suicide.'"
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02-22-2014, 06:54 AM
"A person could distinguish between a starship and a timeship because a starship sticks to the saucer design and a timeship has a triangular design. President K'Vik new that the creation of a timeship was an ominous thing," Zosni continued.
"K'Vik? Is it just me or does that seem like a Klingon name?" Kirk asked with a sneer.
"It was. The Klingon Consulate joined the Federation in 2490. From 2440 to 2450, the Klingon Empire had been torn apart by the Gorn, the Orions, and other rebelling members. In 2450, Miral Paris was re-installed to office and issued a series of reforms.
"Anyway, after the creation of timeships, the Federation had all allied members with the Federation sign the Temporal Accords in order to ensure that others would not use similar technologies for their personal use or for warfare. Over the years, some members fell from the Treaty, including the Plveeans, the Na'kuhl, the Balus, and the Tholians, who believe had the technology before the treaty was signed. The Department, however, believes that the Krenim have also been guilty of breaking it, which is not overly surprising given their manipulations of it in the past.
"The Balus were eliminated from the Temporal Cold War, as it has been called, and are no longer an issue," Zosni finished.
"So you're saying that I started this all those years ago over Psi 2000?" Kirk asked.
"It was the best of times it was the worst of times," Zosni replied.
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Karl Urban as McCoy (Alternate)

"And then there was the time Starfleet had the Enterprise travel back and observe Earth in 1968. It was likely the first incident of self-induced time travel." He stopped for a moment and watched the expression of a bewildered James Kirk. "Perhaps it would be best to allow you to absorb that information, and I'll meet back with you at another time," Zosni stated. He began to head towards the door when the ancient captain caught him.
"Have we ever met before?" Kirk asked.
"Not directly, I suppose," Zosni said.
"What does that mean?"
"I literally just went on a mission that involved you. I passed you on the streets of Earth in 1930," Zosni said.
"Are you empathic? I just have this sense I have came into contact with you. If I felt it in the past then I suppose that would explain it."
"My species has blend of empathic and transtemporal abilities. We have a greater connection with the universe."

McCoy and Spock walked into the turbolift of the Enterprise.
'Well, how are things between you and Uhura?" McCoy asked nosily.
"Fine, why do you ask?" Spock replied with a hint of disdain.
"Don't you Vulcans ever make small talk, Spock?" McCoy retorted snidely.
"The term 'small talk' I will assume applies to something conversation of insignificance. Vulcans tend not to deal with things of insignificance. A Vulcan pure-blood would likely not deal with you," Spock said with a smirk.
McCoy sneered. "Well, back on subject. You and Nyota have been dating for seven years now. Isn't it about time to tie the knot? Or do you Vulcans like utilizing the 'free milk' for as long as possible?" McCoy asked with great criticism.
Spock simply stared at him for several moments and then the turbolift opened to the bridge of the Enterprise.
The bridge was detailed with grandeur and wonder, with bright white color and dramatic textures that matched the drama to the same degree as its captain. The circular room had walls lined with glowing panels and computers. Personnel of innumerable species all fulfilled their duty, whatever it might be. McCoy almost bumped into the huge mass of a Xcayani that lumbered by into the turbolift. It nodded its huge knotted headed back and forth. The doctor then spotted a Klingon crewmember.
"When did we get him?" McCoy asked nervously.
"Stardate 2265.356. He joined after the Enterprise returned from our expedition into the negative universe," Spock answered, over-sufficiently.
McCoy began to whistle an ancient 1950s tune.
"Everyday, by Buddy Holly," Spock offered.
"Very good, Spock, I didn't realize you were a musical scholar," McCoy said.
"I simply took it that the song was your statement of the progress made by the Federation over the last five years," Spock added.
"Yeah, that's what I meant," McCoy relented.

Gary Mitchell walked on to the bridge of the USS Scott. "Tell me where Kirk is!" he bellowed into the face of the trembling Edosian. Electricity sprayed off of his hand and into the throat of the alien he clenched. He dropped the worthless creature to the floor. He stared out the viewscreen. A small planetoid floated with one ocean, mostly frozen on it. It was incapable of sustaining much of an atmosphere or life, but it would serve his purpose.
"Look, inferior being," he shouted, his voice mysteriously echoing in his throat. He held out his hand, his fingers clenching. The planet's bare surface cracked with chasms and canyons. The canyons turned into channels as the water from the body splashed through. The ravines grew. There were five of them to be exact; four were vertical and one was horizontal. The more Mitchell clasped his hand shut, the more the dwarf planet broke apart. It eventually shattered under tons of pressure from an invisible hand. Shards flew across space.
"Where is Kirk?" Mitchell asked again, gray-blue eyes staring into Arex's.
When the creature did not answer, returned his focus to the shards. He swept his arms into the air as if conducting an orchestra. The shards became red and heated. All of the shards came rushing together, back in the same place as they were before as the planet. The molten rock once more became a planetoid in a matter of seconds.
"Kirk believed he had killed me. He only killed the human in me. Now I am completely god."

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