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I dont get the whole Interiors dont make money thing. They have Bridge packs yes, (I have bought a few myself.Both FED and KDF) but I dont count Bridges as "Interiors", They are more like ROOMS.

So the only real Interiors they have made. TOS and The Belfsast, Were bundled in with a bunch of other items. So Only those who buy the bundles get the full interiors. So since not that many people buy the bundles does this mean that the Interiors dont sell?

It kind of feels like They are selling a car. but since not a lot of people buy seats for it they say there is no money in it, and just give everyone a one size fits all Interior. Regardless of if your buying the Limousine, The BMW or the Ford.


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02-13-2014, 08:23 AM
Originally Posted by shantavi View Post
I'd be happy with the bridge actually showing, you know, the actual BOFFs I have. The bridge already only shows like 4-5 personnel on it, I have at least 6 BOFFs, and there are *still* two generic people on the bridge. The hell? Seriously?

It would be nice to at the *very least* get "Romulan" replacers, and not some Bolian conjured out of the blue. I am aware that thematical coherency is deemed less than important, and that we are supposed to mingle excessively with all the xeno out there. It just doesn't make me happy you know?


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