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Originally Posted by vermatrix View Post
I still have my mk XII anti borg weapons and they are junk.
Actually they are very good weapons. Still better than craftable AP. Torps are even better, +1k kinetic damage vs Borg. Imagine popping one [borg] photon torp every 2 seconds. Yes, I know, borg proc does not work on assimilated klink ships in Cure, and outside STFs they are just blue acc crth energy weapons or crth crtd torps. Thing is, they are the best non-fleet AP weapons available.
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05-21-2013, 01:00 PM
Originally Posted by avengerkid1993 View Post
I state that I have not seen the latest updates yet.
But i was wondering why there are no space weapons obtainable from the Omega Rep Store.

New Romulus Rep has Romulan Plasma Weapons...
Omega Rep should have Anti-Borg Weapons, or at least some new Borg Weapons like Borg Plasma Cannons etc...
Here's a link to a thread explaining the Borg weapon's disappearance and the Omega passive ability that replaces it. Check out the dev comment in post #4
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Some Ideas:

-Cloaking Device(Perhaps a phasing-cloak-Like in TNG episode The Pegasus)

-Phasing Shields(Phasing the ship out of spacetime so weapon fire against it is useless-Like in TNG episode The Pegasus but without the cloak)

-Transporter Inhibitors(In case the shields fail, Borg can't beam to & from the ship)

-Transphasic Torpedoes/Mines(Like in Voyager episode Endgame)

-Ablative Hull Armor(Like in Voyager episode Endgame)

-Neutronium Armor(Nearly Indestructible)

-Cloaked Torpedoes/Mines/Long-Range Missiles(Weapons of Mass Destruction-Think big with the Borg)

-Randomly Modulating Phasers(Making it difficult for the Borg to adapt)

-Randomly Modulating Regenerative Shields(Making it difficult for the Borg to adapt)

-Starfleet Fireships(Abandoned ships perhaps cloaked set on autopilot to ram into the Borg ship at warp 9)

-Tractor Beam/Transporter Refractive Hull Plating(Making it difficult for Borg ships to lock on tractor-beams or transporters)

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Originally Posted by tcostik View Post
Spiral Waves will never get added to a rep, as they're unique to a ship. I wouldn't mind seeing some other weapon types, but really, there isn't much need, considering fleet weapons, hybrid weapon packs, etc. I much prefer the ability to buy the stuff off the exchange instead of forking out dil in a rep project.
Oddly enough I sort of wondered why there wasn't a set of Mk XI and XII purple Hybrid Plasma-Phaser (and Hybrid Plasma-Disruptor) ship weapons of all types added to the Omega Reputation. It would seem the most canon weapon type to stick in the Omega Reputation.
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Originally Posted by amosov78 View Post
Oddly enough I sort of wondered why there wasn't a set of Mk XI and XII purple Hybrid Plasma-Phaser (and Hybrid Plasma-Disruptor) ship weapons of all types added to the Omega Reputation. It would seem the most canon weapon type to stick in the Omega Reputation.
I'd like to see those ingame to be honest. An actual combo with roots in the series.
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Originally Posted by turbommx1 View Post
They removed those when the new rep system came in because they actually didn't work properly. The Proc only worked on some borg things not all. For the most part the fleet items or the Romulan weapons have better stats than the old anti borg stuff anyway.
NO, they work and work well. Just because the guys who made the Cured Space scenario marked a Negh'Var as a Borg Negh'Var dose not mean the weapons do not do exactly what they were suppose to do. A Negh'Var is not a Borg ship it is Klingon. No matter what you type in the discretion box for its name. Now all the little nuggets playing Borg STF are deprived of cheep, efficient , and uniform weapons in any flavor they would want. . Its very simple , Borg weapons for Borg targets.

The Rep system weapons are a sad replacement for anything other then low loot grade weapons. All those Rep system weapons are rare grade weapons dressed up with a red hue to look like real very rare grade weapons. They have only 2 modifiers at best. For any item , weapon or so on to be considered very rare you have to have 3 modifiers. No modifier = common, 1= uncommon,2=rare, 3= very rare, 4=ultra rare. The stuff offer by the Rep system Have 2 modifiers so they are rare at best. To kit a boat out with even a set of 8 weapons will set you back nearly 120000 dilithiumn. That's outlandish for rare grade junk. You are better off buying real PvP grade (if there is such a thing after season 6) weapons with 3 modifiers that are always in effect in lue of not having Borg PvE weapons to use. I did it for six of my eight guys i have scene season 7.

For fleet weapons not every fleet has access to even fleet weapons . Those who do will not be able to get them because they will not have a change to get all the fleet credits needed to buy them. Not to mention that fleet weapons only come in a few set modifiers types. Maybe I want (Acc) (CrtD) (CrtH) (Dmg) , or (CrtD) (CrtH) (Dmg)x2. You will not find anything like that with fleet weapons.
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Is this the forum of mass complaining?

@Trekie77: Did you just start playing this game yesterday for the first time?

Transport inhibitors? It's called tactical team and the borg can transport on your ship even when your shields are at maximum strength.

Transphasic torpedoes/mines are available. The ablative console is part of a c-store voyager ship that cost zen to buy, oh and it's not worth it, it got nerfed.

They have modulators for ground weapons and passive ability from the rep system that slows borg adaptation to your weapons.

Polarize hull will get you untractored from any species. Please play the game and learn the content before posting comments like these.

For everyone else, there is no need for omega space weapons, there are plenty of weapons more then capable of slicing through borg like they are cake.

@rickdias5500 If you want fleet weapons join a fleet. You want to get those weapons quickly after you join a fleet, then run defera invasion zone, you get a lot of fleet marks which translate into a lot lot lot of fleet credits to buy all sorts of fleet weapons/gear and other items. Lastly, weapons with [Crtd] modifier are not necessary, your ship should normally have a critical severity of at least 60% if not 70%. You want weapons with [acc] and/or [crth] to land more critical hits so your normal critical severity level actually does something.
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Originally Posted by rickdias5500 View Post
For any item , weapon or so on to be considered very rare you have to have 3 modifiers.
Just to clarify, and this is pointed out on the STO Wiki, generally the extra Proc that these "Hybrid" weapons have, is counted as the third suffix/modifier ... If they didn't do it that way, those weapons would indeed be stupidly OP in most cases and could possible negate the usefulness of Fleet weapons.
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