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I don't know how many times i have gone the klingon scout fleet action with people who have no concept what the skills do.

The information on the skills is vague and outside of training things up which i think will be useful the only thing i notice from trainign things up is cooldown reduction and every now and then a new skill once all 9 ranks are trained.

So my question is do you plan to release a FULL skill list tree along with example paths to follow? It took me almost 2 hours of investigations to find out theres a difference between deflector DISH and deflector FIELD and they both affect 2 completly different skill trees? I would've liked to know this in the tutorial.

Also whats the point of being a "tactical officer" when you can fly a science ship? Wouldn't it be logical to have a science captain on a science ship? (ie get more perks or something?) All this is things that can make or break a game and theres not enough content on it to really explain.

I like to see numbers, tool tips, information, not things like... "does alot of damage and stuff." Whats alot of damage? and what stuff? Took me god knows how many wasted merits to find out how to setup my officers so i could heal and CC just right and even then i still don't know if im doing it right...

I find it hard to believe i can only remote shield rep once every 25 seconds... and hull rep every 50 and there is no other skills i can use to heal more/rep more. Given the amount of damage going out in fleet actions it means ill only be healing the tank and if aggro wipes GG. ur dead.

Will there be items bound to captain restriction only?

ie: special super amazing endgame science console my tactical(captain) can't equipt because i went tactical instead of science? etc...?

Which again boils down to the difference in u being what kind of captain vs the ship u fly and putting points in other things.

Also if i have all my power diverted to auxillary and can only heal and rep essencially once every 30 seconds what am i doing the other 30 seconds? DPS for 7dmg because i have no weapon power? spin in circles and scream OMG LIVE PLZ HEAL INCOMING IN 30 SECONDS?


And finally my last issue...

FIX THE PARTY UI!!!!! i can't see who i am healing besides the first person in the party!

Everyone else in the group shows up as having 0 shields so i have to click on everyone else and guess who to heal!

--then again not like it mattters if i can only heal once every 30 seconds right? lmao.

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