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02-17-2014, 04:57 PM
I'm done playing the game until they fix this issue. It's constant and I cannot get more than 5 minutes of game play in.

I've backdated to DirectX 10 and 9 with no effect.

I've added fans and fan speed to the processors both on the mother board and the video card.

It's random and 90% of the time happens before even logging into the game now.

Video monitoring says that the game isn't using 50% of the gpu but it raising the core temperatur from 40 to over 90. Safety shut off is at 100 and it never reasches that temperature.

There is obviously something STO did when they "fixed" the video problems they were having in the FE that broke the video options throughout the game. Even setting everything to minimum doesn't effect the outcome.

Sad thing is, even if I quit, I can't give away the unbound things or even my EC to friends.

Worst part is, STO insists there isn't a problem. So much for pay to play... it's more like pay to not play. Wish everyone the best of luck, but based on Cryptic's customer support in the past, I doubt this issue will be resolved in a short manner.

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