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Well I can see the ninjas are out in force doing everything they can within the rules to shoot down any negative remarks and feedback. I presume this way they can later skew numbers and say that huge swaths of the populace loved the Arc crap and almost no one disliked it.
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Many people compare Arc to Steam, but let me remind you that each Valve game has it's own website outside Steam:

Each of this sites has its own design and web address.

If PWE indeed wanted to follow Valve's example, they would leave old STO site at
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Okay it's probably a foregone conclusion that tiles are here to stay, even though a lot of us hate them.. So any feedback we give will probably have to fit within that since the STO site design has to be mirrored for all of PWE's games. (Well the layout at least.) Here is my constructive advice.

So with those criteria in mind here is something I have been doing. It took less than 1 work day and it would be trivially easy for the web guys to emulate (I ENCOURAGE IT!) for not just the STO site, but for all PWE Arc sites.

Using only some CSS changes and the Stylish extension for Firefox the website looks like this in my browser, live, right now (no photoshop involved!):

*Removed rotating banner
*Removed persistent videos
*Changed background
*Tweaked a few CSS properties (mostly transparency, color, border strokes)

This will reduce my blood pressure and make the site more usable for me personally, but why stop there?

The following is what I believe an even better (from a visual, branding, and smooth UX experience stance) layout would be like, again with changes that would be incredibly easy for the web guys to implement in a few hours or less. I could do all of this in my browser with a Greasemonkey script if I were any good at javascript, but I'm not, so these images were made by building on top of my CSS changes above and adding to them by editing the page HTML with Firebug. (To be clear, the only photoshop in the next 6 images is the server status and search box.)

New News page:
Product page:

1-column news:
2-column news:

There's a bit of a negative space issue when doing it as 1 or 2 columns but with some image rescaling and using larger snippets from the full articles (at Cryptic's discretion) they could solve that fairly easily.
Okay I did it. I dove in and took a shot at a Greasemonkey script. My amateur code is really pooptacular but I got everything as seen in my concept images except for the Server Status indicator and the search box.

No photoshop trickery involved. Just the Stylish theme I wrote before, combined with a new Greasemonkey script.

*Duplicating the nav bar to the Product page reduces user confusion and reduces a degree of navigation digging that they have to do to find links.
*Moving the Product Page button link over to the left of the nav bar unifies it with the rest of the visual style and places it in closer proximity to the rest of the controls.
*Search is search. Search is good. Search is friend. We likey search.
*Duplicating the div box that contains the Product List from the Product page to all of the other pages does 2 things:
***1. It ensures that when you change from the Product page to any of the other pages, the navigation bar buttons and the beginning of content stay in the exact same x,y location (no visual popping, no confusion)
***2. It's a handy dandy place for a game logo and banner! Lots of people were complaining that "Star Trek Online" was a puny line of text on the other pages which was A) Demeaning to the brand, and B) Potentially confusing to brand new users that might think the page was for 'some game called Arc'
*Transparencies in CSS optional but sexy and help to combat the complaints about the site being a homogenized dull slab of gray.
*Backgrounds! You have giant wallpaper art Cryptic/PWE, use it!
*Server status. I don't need to explain this one.
*Banner list and persistent video block: To be frank, I didn't complain about the rotating banners on the previous STO site because they didn't eat up such a large chunk of my screen and they were visually distinct in their own frame/window. In this Arc site they are both large and their div/cell containers are basically the same bland style as all of the other news boxes which makes it more difficult to distinguish what the latest news is because they all blend together. Their functions are also duplicated on other pages. They irk me. I removed them.

I believe that these changes would be well received for all PWE/Arc sub-sites (just swap out the content for game-specific content).

TL;DR: Look at my shiny pictures.

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Use bookmarks, makes your life easier.
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Tastier too. =3
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Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
Traits aren't really power creep - they're lateral power movement

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Yup. Every time they change websites we lose useful functionality.

When it changed from to we lost:
*Out of game mail access
*Out of game character bios (although the Gateway has re-added this, they said they'll probably kill off the Gateway because they don't know how to monetize it)
*Out of game captain's logs
*Out of game C-Store access
*Probably some other stuff I can't even remember (and the Wayback Machine is down right now so I can't check)

Now that it's changing to Arc we're losing (in addition to the above):
*Server status indicator
*Character transfer screen (for an unknown period of time)
and presumably all of the following pages that haven't been copied to Arc (because just as is long gone, will be permanently removed at some point): (different from the F2P FAQ that has been copied over
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Originally Posted by mightybobcnc View Post
*Out of game character bios (although the Gateway has re-added this, they said they'll probably kill off the Gateway because they don't know how to monetize it)
Everytime they make a feature or anything that doesn't make money, they remove it, no matter how useful it is.
This is how STO will look in a few years.
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Originally Posted by erei1 View Post
Everytime they make a feature or anything that doesn't make money, they remove it, no matter how useful it is.
This is how STO will look in a few years.
pfff thats for oldies way of doing it this is new age stuff here
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Originally Posted by macronius View Post
This! Their ability to outdo their own failures is quite impressive. If only this power could be harnessed for good.

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