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Originally Posted by captiancopps View Post
Just to follow up on the comments, I think you are missing the point of the ship as a whole. The reason for the torpedoes is to add damage once the shields are stripped. I don't use APB because I do pull enough hate to make targets shoot at me and the delta debuffs them while buffing me. The dominion beams strip shields really nice and generally debuff as well like a polaron should do. I focus on flow caps in order to make that combo a very strong one. The beams themselves aren't as tough as the torpedoes are which is why they are on there. Spread makes it to where they don't miss if you are in the arc and the kinetic damage does well in both PvE and PvP.

I find that the ship I setup handles tanking pretty well as well as being able to dish it out. Is it the damage king? No. Can it stay in a fight for a while AND do good damage, I'd say yes. To me, being dead = 0 dps. Those beams also handle the really high resistance that shields have gotten over time by just stripping them all away and reducing shield power in the process. Many people struggle just to keep shields up when I fight them unless they have either a well built engineer or somehow focused on insulators.

Yes, the pets do some good damage, but the ship has to be able to do damage in PvP environments where pets might not survive for long.
I understand your comment but have to ask if you have parsed the build with and without a torpedo. I have and I do more damage without the torpedo. While I understand the domino arrays point, I have to say once your opponents shields are down the porc is useless. And en you still have to proc it off the weapons, wether easy if you run fleet polaron your dmgx2, acc, citx, and other multipiers are always on. And as far as I can tell ApD does not debuff your enemy it buffs you resistance. Your beams will have more damage offer the torpedo. Your torpedo is only going to fire one every 8 seconds unless modified by a doff. On average your torpedo is going to hit for 6k in damage up buffed, and that is at best. Your beam weapon will do about 2k every second with ApB. I will take my 16 k in damage with my beam over your 6 k every eight seconds. If you don't trust me test it. Down load advance combat reader or advance combat tracker and test for yourself. Also look at the high end DPS builds,almost none of them carry torpedoes. They realize the torp goes on cooldown and when it is not firing it does no damage. By al mean all I am trying to do is help. If you don't trust me test it for yourself. You can test with mkxi weapons off the exchange, polaron weapons in that range are cheap.

If you would like I will run a few stfs or other events with you and run the ACT myself. You can find me at @simeion.
Enahs Dax

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I like the epts3 epta1 your using. Gravimetric photon torp instead of quantums, get the experimental proton beam for set critical bonus. Nukara console rocks with Jem beams. Or go with Dyson console for more critical d.

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