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02-25-2014, 05:13 AM
Originally Posted by atmawpn View Post
It's not about your crth, but the ratio of crth to crtd. Specifically crth should be at a 1:10 ratio to your crtd-100. So if you have 5% crth you should have 150% crtd. At 8% crth it should be 180% crtd and so forth.

To disprove your hypothesis of a crth 20 threshold for locator vs exploiter, compare the following ratios: crth 4 vs crtd 150. And crth 6 vs crtd 150. Compare the additional damage you will get with either a crth 2 mod or a crtd 20 mod.

To extend this, try testing a ratio of crth 5 vs crtd 150. Either mod goes in this instance. Incidentally this kinda proves the exploiter < locator sayings.
what you ignored is, that the ratio is not linear higher crtH, the less amount crtD you need to reach the dmg increase of a single crtH %.

the optimum ratio moves from 1:10 at <10% crtH to 1:5 at around 20% crtH and so can imagine that at 99% crtH the ratio looks more like 10:1 than 1:10.

i'd asume that at 50% crtH the optimum ratio is 1:1
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