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Hey I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but this deemed to be the most appropriat of all forum sections, so please don't flame me if I am wrong.

I just ordered Star Trek Gold Edition today from, I bought it this early so I would get a chance to play in the Open Beta aswell as for the head-start too. But little did I know that Game decide to only be sending out the Beta keys once a week so the only day I'll get a beta key is on the 25th, and as far as I am aware beta closes on the 26th.

I'm wondering if any member of the production team, or any staff at all would be able to maybe help me out to get my beta key a little early? I can send any member of the staff team all the details of the purchase if needs be as I have the receipt in an email and as paper.

Would be very greatful if anyone could help,

Thanks in advance.

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