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As much as I try and manually distribute shield facings or evenly balance them, it is way to slow in response time as well as power diverting.

Now I use the arrow keys for single distributing and a single key for even balancing, but when being overwhelmed to a single shield facing neither is quick enough and that particular facing drops, yet with TT this doesn't happen at all.

Don't get me wrong if diverting shield strength from the others is slowed, or quickened based on your EPS skill than that I can understand, but if it is than TT simply defies this by distributing not only power but where it needs go 5-10X faster than doing it manually.

TT should not be able to re-divert power and shield facings any faster, than you could technically do so manually, as the only exception would be it can do it automatically.

Please make manual shield distribution much quicker and more responsive!!!
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