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With everybody going crazy with CrtH/CrtD threads...why not another one, right? Yeah, baby! Course, folks will probably not like my suggestion here - it came about while working out some stuff here and there for other threads...

So let's look at some of the ratios, eh?

Base Values:
CrtH: 2.5%
CrtD: 50%

Weapon Specialization
CrtH: 2.0%
CrtD: 25%

Weapon Mods
CrtH: 2%
CrtD: 20%

Advanced Tactical Vulnerability Consoles
CrtH: 1.6%
CrtD: 8%

edit: scurry pointed out I forgot the Accuracy Overflow ratio
CrtH: 0.125%
CrtD: 0.5%

CrtH: 3%
CrtD: 10%

edit3: Saw in another thread I missed the Rom Op ratio as well. This one is a little more complicated, because of the middle trait - the standard.

Basic CrtH: 1%
Basic CrtD: 2.5%
Basic Ratio: 1:2.5

Std CrtH: 1.5%
Std CrtD: 3.8%
Std Ratio: 1:2.53 (this happens because of rounding, 1.5% CrtH/3.75% CrtD - is it really 3.75% and they chose this as one of the times to round up from 5 (instead of down as they usually do) or did they actually do the rounding?)

Sup CrtH: 2%
Sup CrtD: 5%
Sup Ratio: 1:2.5

The Romulan Captain version is the Standard version.

1:20, 1:12.5, 1:10, 1:5, 1:3.33 - what's going on here, right? Why is it variable? Shouldn't 1:X "here" be 1:X "there" and "over there" and "there too"...? Shouldn't it be consistent?

Okay then...part two! Not the face! No, no...not the face!

Okay then, so say the CrtH:CrtD ratio was what point is that ratio standardized?

Consider the following...if the CrtH is relatively low, then you'd be looking at the CrtD having a sizable value in comparison, no? Cause you're not going to have that many crits, when you do have them - boom - you want to notice them, right? Thing is, as your CrtH goes up - well, you're going to be seeing that many more of those booms...and well, they might just get out of control, eh?

Funny thing is, we can kind of see where Cryptic has sort of looked at what I am talking about, hrmmm...

Base is 1:20. You add skill or a weapon mod, you're looking at 1:12.5 or 1:10. The amount of CrtD you're getting for the CrtH is...diminishing based on the CrtH.

Why not just make it that way? Create a standard ratio for CrtH:CrtD and implement diminishing returns on the CrtD based on the CrtH.

But folks will say, "But that's nerfing me, bro..." insert some expletives "'re crazy!"

Well, I'm not crazy...Sheldon's mother had me tested.

Thoughts? Punches to the face even though I asked nicely not to be hit in the face?

edit2: Something else to keep in mind is the difference between the "choices" and "both"...sometimes you get both, sometimes you have to make a choice between the two.
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