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I was considering loading out my vesta with a drain build, using all Protonic Polaron beams, plus 3 piece Protonic arsenal set, Currently have Solanae space set but working on dyson shield/deflect/engine, and Dyson Polaron consoles.

However, looking at the dyson set as a whole (space set, console set etc). Seems like its all really based around the 3 console + deflector set.

So do you think a full out protonic polaron build, with protonic arsenal set, dyson polaron consoles would be good enough without the console bonuses too? I dont really like the look of the dyson ship for fed, and really dont want to drop the zen on it just for consoles....

Anyways, what do you think?
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02-28-2014, 01:51 PM
You can totally make a drain build out of a Vesta with protonic polaron weapons, and it would work. Drain builds are not exactly popular compared to others, but they are very effective when teamed up with others.
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02-28-2014, 03:15 PM
Yeah I was worried a drain build wouldnt be that good solo. But I tend to mostly do STF's with my fleet, or pickup PvP from the OrganizedPvP channel.

Honestly Biggest problem is, the Vesta is so versatile, I just cant seem to find a final build Im really happy with.

Currently Im based on full Particle Generator dmg, doing most of dps through TBR and GW with TorpSpreads of the Grav torp for even more particle dmg. It does good, but its not optimal.

Was thinking of going back to full Aux DHC, but phaser is pretty plain, and does work great with many of the space sets, console sets, etc.

So was considering a proton build, and since there is now protonic polarons, figured a drain build would work. Was thinking it work slightly better than a normal drain build if I worked for really high crit chance, because then I would get lots of proton procs.

Also toying with a full Anti-Proton Vesta build and only using the SCi Boff for healing.

Theres just too many options for me to figure out which is best tbh lol.
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02-28-2014, 03:37 PM
The proton proc on the polarons is keyed to crit, and you really need a romulan crew to get the crit rate high.

Also, the proton barrage from the 3-pc set bonus is not buffed by partgens so you need a tac captain to really boost it.

So, cumulatively, you need a romulan tac to get the most return on your investment. Something less than that might be acceptable to you, but its not to me, which is why none of my sci ships have messed with it.
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03-02-2014, 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by lucho80 View Post
You can totally make a drain build out of a Vesta with protonic polaron weapons, and it would work. Drain builds are not exactly popular compared to others, but they are very effective when teamed up with others.

This is the current build I am running. It is tough, shields never really drop, and with a decent group it can still make 10-11K DPS in ISE. I can completely shut down Tac Cubes and Gates, and still have the ability to throw a good heal if needs be. So far, loving this build.
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03-02-2014, 03:54 PM
Well you can do without the consoles. But i would recommend using one, with the secondary deflector for the 17% proton dmg 2-piece bonus. (3 piece is bugged and doesn't work anyway).

With that + proton set + 4x autolocators with +pol, i'm sitting on about 90%+ proton dmg and 80% polaron damage. Since only 1 DHC and 2 turrets are protonic polaron its a pretty solid build.
The proton damage also buffs my Proton barrage from the dyson set, proc on polaron weapons, as well as my destabilized proton beam.

Also proton damage seems to be universally unresisted. So i'm always seeing stupid high numbers. Like Proton barrage hitting for 40-50k (which is nice for a 2min aoe cone with no charge up). and the beam ticks for like 10-15k with APA running.
If the 3 piece bonus would work, i would also get shield inversion console, as it does proton dmg as well, and would lower the cooldown on beam + that to also be 2 min each rather than 3 mins.
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