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03-03-2014, 06:52 PM
I am trying to find the best way to utilize my boffs with my 4 primary ships in rotation

my ships:

Assault Cruiser (USS Aragorn)
Odyssey Tactical Cruiser (USS Galaxia)
Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit (USS Queen Serenity)
Dreadnaught Cruiser (USS Granville) (*name subject to change)

Tactical Officers
Andorian Female (TT 1, APB 1, CRF 2, DPB 3)
Human Male (BFAW 1, TT2, BFAW 3, DPB 3)
Trill Female (TT 1, BFAW 2, CRF 2, DPB 3)
Bajoran Male (TT 1, CSV 1, CRF 2, DPB 3)

Engineering Officers
Human Female (EPtS 1, EPtW 1, RSP 2, AB 3)
Human Male (EPtA 1, AtS 1, EWP 1, RSP 3)
Andorian Male (EPtS 1,EPtW 2, AtS 2, DEM 3)
Rigellian Male (EPtE 1, ET 2, AtS 2, RSP 3)

Science Officers
Human Male (HE 1, TSS 2, GW1, TKR 3)
Orion Female (MES 1, FP 1, GW1, PSW 2)
Klingon Female (ST 1, JS 2, CPB 2, TKR 3)
Trill Female (ST 1, ES 1, MES 3, VM 3)

do I have any potential good combinations for all my ships? and will I need any possible retraining and in what skills. I do not PVP but I do PVE.
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03-03-2014, 07:01 PM
Spreadsheet and lots of retraining. Figure out "If I use this guy in the ensign slot on this ship and the commander slot on that ship" you can trim things down pretty handily. Since there is usually a lot of overlap at the ensign and lt levels, you can often have a couple of boffs who just play the same role over and over again from one ship to the next.

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