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# 1 Help with skill point respec
03-04-2014, 06:11 PM
Hey guys, I could really use some examples of good skill point distribution for my tactical Romulan. I did most of my skills when I was very new to the game and wasn't sure what was important, and I've wanted to respec for a while now. I know more now, but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and I really don't want to make the same mistake twice.

Here is my current ship, a fleet Mogai:

I do fine with her as she is now, but I'm sure better skills will only improve things. I'd rather have more generalized skill distribution that will work well with other ships than one specially tailored to this one, though. In particular, I know I'm going to eventually have to get a retrofit/fleet D'deridex, that ship's too iconic not to fly. The Aves class is pretty cool too, I'm never picking up a C store variant, though.

So yeah, I'd just like some examples of good skill point distributions. I'm one of those wierdoes who likes the ground combat in this game, so I don't want to neglect those skills, either.

Edit: I forgot to mention, this'll mostly be foe PVEs. I do poke my head into Ker'rat occasionally, but PVP's not really my thing unless it's with RL friends.

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