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03-05-2014, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by umaeko View Post
Don't you mean the Advanced Obelisk Technology Set gives a 10% antiproton damage with its 2-piece set bonus?
Yes that one I had the bonus mixed with another set bonus I have running on my escort.
Hey I Used to be Captain Data, well I guess I still am in game but the account link really screwed everything up
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03-05-2014, 01:19 PM
the only issue I see with the 360 AP array is if you run a DBB for BOL, if not timed correctly the 360 will BOL. This can be a bit annoying unless you have an escort get on your tail and can't shake.
Hey I Used to be Captain Data, well I guess I still am in game but the account link really screwed everything up
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Originally Posted by fbreprime View Post
Ok guys, please be gentle as I have never parsed, min/maxed, or done a build in the skill planner until now.

Here is my current build:

I included my traits, Boffs, and Doffs in the description area. I'm not building for PvP, mainly STF and fleet stuff. I don't seem to be dead weight, but I'm not the king of DPS either. The few times that someone has parsed ISE, I seem to come in around the middle of the pack. I can typically place in CCE. Also, the Doffs for aiding ET1 cool down are new due to the changes coming in the patch tomorrow. Figured I might as well have that available constantly like TT1.

Here is what I'm thinking to make use of some of the Romulan Plasma equipment I have sitting on my Mobius in spacedock:

I'm not sure which build would be better, or if I need to re-think some things, but I'm hoping you folks can give me some suggestions or validation. Obviously, I'm not running A2B. I've been leery of going there just because I'm setup with DHCs already and I figure the nerf hammer will probably come down at some point because it's so popular.

Thanks again for any recommendations for equipment, Boff powers, captain traits, or active duty Doffs! Anything you can suggest to make me more useful, I'm all ears!
Drop the experimental plasma beam for another dhc. You don't need the 3 piece bonus, 2 piece is just fine.

Drop 360 beam and core for a turret and fleet amp core. If not for the 2 piece ap dmg bonus, that core is absolute garbage, far worse than a cheap core off the exchange.

Drop bioneural circuit for rcs. If you want to cannon fit avenger, it needs to turn. Even with maneuvering cruiser command, it still doesn't turn well enough without rcs. Dhc uptime will be too low. Bioneural circuit is for romulans with 30+% crit chance that ran out of sources of crit severity. Your fed is nowhere close to that point, nor will it ever be.

Drop beam overload for a 2nd torp spread. The amount of green balls romulan torp generates with torp spread produces massive dps, far too high to not get 2 copies of torp spread, as long as the ship has enough tac boff to cover energy weapons. It only applies if they hit, of course, but you won't have trouble with that in stfs.

The eng and sci boff skills seem questionable. Same goes for 2 emitter arrays, given the near lack of shield healing boff.

A2b is viable, if you want to rebuild boffs around that. You don't seem to be using aux anyway.
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03-05-2014, 01:41 PM

I have great success in pvp this build and pve

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