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Originally Posted by spoondoggle View Post
Maybe I've been spending too much time among our Vulcan cousins, but I see no logic in a return to the old ways.
When a methodology has been revealed as faulty, it should be abandoned. Lies and treachery, schemes in the shadows; these are the behaviours that brought our race to its knees. Shinzon and Tal'Aura shattered the empire, left it weak and disunited when our people most needed a strong leadership. Hobus. Our own leaders made a subspace bomb out of a star and turned it on us. Did this make us strong? We have been refugees for years because of the old ways. Now that we are building a new home, why would we return to the ideals that destroyed our old home?
The Tal Shiar ally themselves with the Iconians in the hopes of picking at the crumbs that fall from the master's table - they sell the Romulan people as slaves to these masters, or pervert their minds... make them do terrible things... twist them up so tight that worlds blur together and beloved allies become hated foes and you.......
Whatever they once were, the Tal Shiar are slaves to a foreign power, and they intend to see us all enslaved with them. I refuse to be a slave to anyone.

To continue with the old ways, to embrace the Tal Shiar, logically, is inconceivable, emotionally, is abhorrent. If we walk that path, we walk to our doom.

Basically, I agree with this as well. There are some elements of the old ways that should be preserved, but we (speaking as my Romulan toon) need to ditch the Tal Shiar and the skulking underhanded tactics of the past that typically failed and even led to the destruction of the homeworld. I support the Republic. I'm not opposed to a monarchy though. A constitutional monarchy with a senate based on either New Romulus or Rator would be best.

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