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02-27-2014, 04:48 PM
I did the torpedo boat thing for awhile, and it's fun, but really to do a torp boat well, you have to spec for it-- and I'd rather not limit my characters to only one trick.

So I gave it to my Sci Romulan, and made it a beam FAW build.

It's completely bonkers. If I have 50% shields at the end of a fight, it's a miracle.

But I have fun.
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02-28-2014, 12:45 AM
I have flown this Bird and find running a hybrid stealth torp/bomber is a lot of fun in PvE.
I ran a transphasic build with 2 clusters and 2 rapid reload and sci abilities to crown control. I used some quest drops and tractor torps as well.
Now that I have the rep it is running Adapted Maco Deflector and Shields with Romulan engines
It runs plasma torps with the tractor mines, web mines and plasma mines.

It is a surgical ship

I normally fly mt Ar'Kif and is it simply a weapon of mass destruction and assuming you dont miss a tact team and epts you are normally fine... normally
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02-28-2014, 04:47 AM
The most Romulan ship available at the top tier in STO. Only improvement imaginable would be to have it look like a T'liss. Just because wanting the impossible is more fun. Especially when it is not technically so... I got the Fleet version of the T'varo recently, you could say that was the highlight of my STO Romulan experience. Not entirely sure what to look forward to now. Apart from getting the parts that is impossible to get presently perhaps. There is always that. He he.

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03-06-2014, 08:28 AM
I love the T'varo. It's so gooooood. Buy the basic romulan bundle for 2500 zen. It's a bargain. You get the tier 1 T'varo, tier 5 version, borg boff, title and other stuff. It's just such a good looking badass little ship from canon. It's ships like this that make we wonder why it is we can't have tier 5 NX and Constitution classes. If 22nd century ships with modern tech can become a killing machine, so can anything.  1390007378
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03-07-2014, 07:25 AM
The reason why, is because CBS said no. There are endless posts complaining about the lack of a T5 Connie and its all just wasted breath. The economics are not disputable: allowing a T5 Connie would be like printing money and the only reason it hasn't happened yet is purely due to licensing restriction. Any pretense of violating game continuity or people's sensibilities, affectations blah, blah, as the reason is nonsense. I forget who on the forum it is, but there is someone with a signature pointing out how its OK to be a Romulan liberated Borg federation captain flying around in a Breen ship with a Jem Hadar Bridge officer ...etc. In other words, there simply is no limit to what can be done in STO from a continuity standpoint.

As far as the T'Varo, my first fleet ship purchase was a T'Varo. Alpha'd destabalized torps are ridonkulous. To maximize my potential, I actually bought the Hirogen lock box traint: Hot Pursuit (double mine tracking distance) for my Transphasic and Nukara web mines, as well as the trait: Intimidating Strikes (10% chance to confuse targets hit by torpedoes).

I like mines in the back because with Dispersal pattern beta III and 2 KM tracking distance, you will constantly be mopping up anything nearby. This is disgusting on maps like Cure Elite where it is easy to get groups of ships to fly through them. On other maps, simply flying in reverse through your own cloud of mines will kill any pursuer and also works great for clusters of gravity-welled Borg Spheres/Probes
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03-07-2014, 08:42 AM
Yeah, I run a torp frontal/mine rear build with Breen rapid-fire transphasic x3 and Breen transphasic cluster torp x1 in front, specced for max transphasic projectile damage.

My DPS is pants and I can't tank for sh*t, but it's a fun ship with sweet lines, which is EXACTLY what I need when I'm bored of my Scimitar.

Also, I got the starter pack, so I can run the console set; I actually really like the T'varo set, as it gives me a nice bonus to DPS, especially if I swap out a sci and an eng console.
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03-07-2014, 10:34 PM
Just dinged lvl 50 with my KDF Romulan Tac captain.

I went Photon Torpedos (because of the fast reload & the lack of Purple Torpedo DOFFs on a n00b 50). Didn't have the Breen stuff yet, and I still don't like the Transphasics for stupid Borg STFs because nothing lives long enough for that to matter.

4x Photon Torpedos up front (3x purple Mk X Acc/Dmgx2, 1x green Mk XII Acc), 2x Photon Torpedos rear (both purple Mk X Acc/Dmgx2), plus the Tractor Mines or Mk XII Photon Mines... Tac consoles are 2 purple Mk XI Photon Detonation Assembly consoles, 1 blue Mk XII Photon Detonation Assembly console. Plus the T'varo set bonus. Not terrible & not a 100% n00b setup, but it's not close to the output of my Quantum Torpedo setup on my B'rel.

Still managed to get the Tactical Cube at the end of ICE to target me towards the end of the fight (and got one- or two-shotted for that & had to fly back to the loot pile LOL). Considering we got the bonus & nobody used Grav Well on the Nanite Spheres, I think the DPS was pretty decent all around.

And I didn't even use the destabilized Plasma thingy from the T'varo set because I hadn't used the T'varo before doing an ICE run. I was worried about not pulling my weight in an Elite, but ICE is so easy, even a PUG could do it & get the bonus.

I'll do the Transphasic thing at some point, though... but the Breen Cluster is just so slow, and Rapid Fire Transphasics aren't purple Mk XIIs...
Nessia (KDF Sci)
IKS Korrasami (Fleet B'rel Bird of Prey Retrofit T5-U)
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03-08-2014, 12:52 AM
The thing about everyone saying "Go torpedo boat" with the T'varo is you are losing a 10% damage bonus when you stay under cloak compared to uncloaking and going guns blazing.

That being said, I do enjoy the ship. I'm just crazy to not use the T'varo like a torpdedo boat, but more like a small bomber. The Destabilized Plasma Torpedo is so satisfying when you smack a foe and see in big letters the amount of hurt you just gave your target and everyone around it.
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03-08-2014, 05:24 AM
Originally Posted by sonnikku View Post
I love the T'varo. It's so gooooood. Buy the basic romulan bundle for 2500 zen. It's a bargain. You get the tier 1 T'varo, tier 5 version, borg boff, title and other stuff. It's just such a good looking badass little ship from canon. It's ships like this that make we wonder why it is we can't have tier 5 NX and Constitution classes. If 22nd century ships with modern tech can become a killing machine, so can anything.
There are two angles you can use for this reasoning:

1.) The Federation and Starfleet have a rich and detailed history.
This is good because it allows creators of new Trek stuff, like Cryptic, to tap a large amount of source material. The downside is that there's less room when it comes to the use of older ships, unlike the Romulans or the Klingons. As a result the Federation has more canon ships than the others have canon and Cryptic-designed ships put together.

2.) The Romulan ships as they appeared in "Minefield" were a massive anachronism.
They were more advanced in looks than the ones from TOS and would have perfectly fit in with the 24th century ships. I mean seriously they would have been perfect as small companions of the D'deridex, fighting JH fighters in the Dominion War. They were also equipped with cloaking devices even though in TOS the entire concept was merely a theory to Kirk and Spock.
The creators of the "Enterprise"-episode even admitted later this was a mistake.
So that CBs allows the T'varo as a 25th century ship is pretty their way of saying that the appearance of that ship in "Enterprise" was a mistake and this ship essentially belongs more to the 24th/25th century than the 22nd.

Heck when I designed a 24th century refit for the Romulan D7 I based the nacelles and the bridge module on that ship and the result looks more advanced than the D7.

You might want to write the appearance of that ship off as interference from another faction in the "Temporal Cold War" that was undone at the end of "Stormfront".

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03-08-2014, 05:43 AM
First time I saw one of these in an episode of Enterprise, I was amazed at how very pretty and very Romulan it looked. Haven't given it much thought ingame because I have so much fun with my Mogai Refit. But this thread has encouraged me to try it out.
I played a Klingon and I liked it!

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