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I did the Step beyond the stars mission three times so have the Solonae set which I'm going to leave on my free 4th anniversary Dyson Destroyer and I'm now currently crafting the Aegis set from Memory Alpha which I'm going to put on my Vice Admiral ship.

Turning now to the reputation missions I've started the New Romulus storyline first as that was the first one I stumbled across but I notice there are another three, are you supposed to do them in a set order so that you don't become too powerful too quickly?

I would hate to get all the way to the end of the New Romulan story only to find that I've now got the best set of ship devices in the game and there's no point doing the other three storylines, do the devices get better in order or is each set so completely different from each other that it doesn't matter which order you do them in?

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