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# 1 Issue with ground combat
01-21-2010, 09:19 AM
The issue I have with ground combat is that it becomes very laggy and choppy. Its happening more often than not, star trek will error out and I need to send crypic a error report including what I was doing. Which I have several times. I have no issues with my machine, I have ran extensive diagnostics with no issues.

I believe the problem might be 1 of 2 possible issues. Graphics card driver or beta bugs. Just curious if anyone has some input for me. I can reproduce the issue when I beam down to starbase 24 every single time and its frustrating. I have done other ground missions some I complete and some have to same issue, but starbase 24 is consistant.

My Computer specs

Phenom II 955 Quad Core 3.2Ghz
ASUS Crosshair III with latest bios 1301
4GB of patriot memory DDR3 1333 9-9-9-24 (tested both memtest and prime95 over 24 hours)
ASUS EAH4890 latest drivers from ATI Version 9.12 updated 12/17/09 (tested with 3Dmark in continuous loop for 24 hours) I was not running the latest version, after I updated to this, same exact result.
2 320gb hdd seagate sata 3.0 in raid 0 (tested with spinrite)

Temps are all well below threshold (CPU/Northbridge/graphics card)

Edit: Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit fully updated.

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