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Does anybody have these or know where I can find them? All I'm able to find are the fed ones. I'd like to get the right colors for my TNG uniforms and my Tal Shiar uniforms. I'm color blind so it's hard for my to do this without the actual color codes. I came across some older posts but those codes seem to be off. Any current information would be appreciated!
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03-14-2014, 08:20 AM
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The trouble with giving the color codes is that you would need to do so with multiple pieces, because the same palette is not available for every item of a costume, and then you have the limitations of the KDF color palette applied (without any justification) to Romulan costume pieces if you ally with the KDF (even though prior to choosing an alliance, you had a broader color palette to choose from for those same costume pieces).

I initially intended to give the codes when I was doing the uniforms page on my fleet website, but the enormity of the effort needed to detail every piece of every possible costume was just too much, so I resorted to putting up some images as examples:
Tal'Diann (Phi'Tlaru Rihan): Aaiydhir s'Tal'Diann (Tal'Diann Uniforms)
I realize this won't help you much with whatever type of color-blindness you have, because it involves several colors, some of which may be indistinguishable to you (monochromasy is extremely rare, but if that's what you mean, this link won't help at all, whereas if you have some other, more common type of color blindness, it will help some).

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Tal'Diann = KDF-allied Romulan Republic Fleet / Tal-Diann = Fed-allied Romulan Republic Fleet
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03-14-2014, 10:52 AM
Thanks for the info!

My character is Fed aligned and I have problems with certain shades of the red/green color spectrum.
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03-14-2014, 02:51 PM
now if we could only get that other thread stickied
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I went through the TNG shows and got a good look at all the uniforms. I also spent a few hours tweaking the tal shair uniform to get the colors right. Here goes:

Tal Shiar Uniforms:

Tal Shiar Uhlan:

Upper: Romulan Tal Shiar: I10, I8, I1, I10

Chest Gear (males only): P1, P1, P1, P9

Belt: Romulan Tal Shiar Liutennant (No Uhlan version for players, sadly): H1, H1, H1, H9

Lower: Romulan Tal Shiar: I5, H5, I1

Feet: Romulan Tal Shiar: P23, P23, P24, P18

Tal Shiar Centurion: Same as above, with different colors:

Upper: I4, H14, H14, H14

Chest Gear (males only): P5, P5, P5, O2

Belt: I5, I5, I5, B5

Lower: H1, H12, I1

Feet: P23, P23, P24, P18

TNG Uniforms: Pants and shoes are always the same, tunic and chestgear/belt vary quite a bit.

Tunic Types:

Padded Checkers: I18, I24, I20

Padded Camo: I20, I24, I20

Padded Tile: I23, I24, I20

Lower Body:

Lower: Romulan 24th Century: I24

Feet: Romulan 24th Century: I24, I24, I24


Standard Issue:

Chest Gear: Romulan 24th Century: A24, A24, A24, B1

Belt: Romulan 24th Century: A24, A24, A24, B1

Gold Variant

Chest Gear: Romulan 24th Century: A11, A11, A11, A11

Belt: Romulan 24th Century: A11, A11, A11, A11

Variants without loops use same color schemes.

Commander's Sash:

Sash: Romulan 24th Century: I24, I24, I23, I23

Belt: Romulan 24th Century Sash Belt: I24, I24, I23, I23

Hope that helps a little. I'll add more later.

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03-15-2014, 09:50 AM
It would be nice if someone updated the STOwiki uniform section with Romulan uniforms.
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03-15-2014, 09:53 AM
This is exactly what I was looking for. As a colourblind guy, threads like this are unbelievably helpful. Thank you so much for posting these codes.

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