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Thank you for the reply, it was very helpful
I don't think it set my full name, when I go to the info tab it shows only my last/captain name
I will have to add it when I charge my zen

Originally Posted by tangolight View Post
Your full name shows up when you look at your info in your character tab, and when you or someone else looks at your full profile.

Your nickname is what's displayed in general. Parts of your full name get used depending on the situation. ie: NPCs will often refer to you as <rank> <last name> instead of your nickname.

You most likely have your full name set right, but it doesn't get used in full commonly.

The tutorial is different depending on your faction. Federation have their own tutorial, Klingons have a different one, and Romulans are also different. The Federation tutorial has also been updated twice now, so depending when you made the character, it may be different now than what you remembered it. There are also small differences depending on your class, but those are relatively minor.

There are tailors on pretty much every major starbase as well as certain other hubs. For example, on Earth Space Dock, you can find the tailor near the personal vendors and commodity brokers, in the south west quadrant of the base. At a tailor, you can change any aspect of your character that you could in character creation after you picked your class and race, which includes eye and hair color and other things like that.

Your handle is similar to Blizzard's Battle tags (though @handles came first) if you are familiar with that. Basically, it's an identifier that is common to all your characters. In your options, you can have it display handles by default, or hide them. If you have them shown, people will show up as name@handle. The @handle part will never change for them, so if you add someone to your friends list for example, you will see whenever they are logged on, even if they make a new character or use one you didn't know about.
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Originally Posted by rubyskylark View Post
Do I have to pay to add them or is it free because it's a glitch?
pay with the in game money EC, it's no biggie just annoying
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Originally Posted by rubyskylark View Post
I doubt it was made up, my sister just started playing and she got the Starfleet tutorial, which confused me because I'd never heard of it
I looked it up. It's the new tutorial.

Originally Posted by rubyskylark View Post
Thank you for the reply, it was very helpful
I don't think it set my full name, when I go to the info tab it shows only my last/captain name
I will have to add it when I charge my zen
You can edit it on the biography tab of the character menu. It only costs EC, not ZEN. The zen (costing) name changing token is to change your Captain name (the name that appears on the character screen)
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Your Captain name is the name that appears in chat - a nickname, if you will. This can only be changed with Zen.
Your Full name, with first, last, and middle names only appears on your character info, and occasionally in NPC dialogues. This can be changed for a small fee in Energy Credits, which are the easiest currency to acquire (and don't cost real money/Zen). Unfortunately, your full name isn't saved after character creation (this is presumably a bug), but it's easy enough to change it once you've played a few missions and earned some EC from selling the loot.
Your handle is your account name. If you hover over someone's name in chat, it'll show you what their handle is. This is useful because it lets you identify your friends and enemies even if they're playing a different character.

An example, using one of my characters-
Displayed name: Sleeper Service. If you met me on Earth Spacedock, this is what you'd see. It's what I see on the character select screen. If I want to change this, I have to pay Zen.
Full name: Shalin Renaati. You can only see this if you target me and click the little [i] button on the target window. I can see this on my character sheet. If I want to change this, I have to pay EC.
Handle: @nikkojt. If you add me as a friend, I show up in the list as [currently logged in character]@nikkojt, or just @nikkojt if I'm offline.

So let's say you see "Sleeper Service" on ESD. You want to send her a mail complimenting her fashion sense, so you send it to Sleeper Service@nikkojt. You decide you want to be super friendly, so you target her, click the [i] button, and determine that you should start the mail with "hi Renaati!".
While you're typing, I switch characters to "Cadence". However, since your mail is sent to *@nikkojt, I can read it on any character on the @nikkojt account.

Note that private messages (/tell) are also sent to [character]@[handle].

As for outfits and tailors, there are tailors on most hub maps, including ESD, Starfleet Academy, DS9, New Romulus Command, and Qo'nos: First City. You can find them using the shirt icon on the map. Tailors can change your physical appearance and costume for an EC fee. Additional outfit sets, such as the TNG series uniform, can be bought for Zen. This is a one-time purchase - actually using the outfit in the tailor only costs EC.
Outfit slots are like quick-equip slots; you can switch between them without visiting a tailor by right-clicking your status panel in the top left and selecting Change Outfit. This doesn't cost anything.

Hope that helped and wasn't TL;DR.
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