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I decided to take a look at flying an Avenger with my Tactical Captain. Here is my first attempt at an equipment loadout and boff layout. Any advice on what I can do to make it better would be greatly appreciated. I've got access to all Tier IV fleet equipment and Tier V Dyson and Omega right now, but I'm willing to wait for just about anything so feel free to suggest crazy expensive stuff :-)

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03-15-2014, 10:45 AM
IMO, i would get rid of the DBB, and just use Beam arrays instead, having all those arrays fring Broadside will do more damage than the DBBs. Also, the use the Graviton Photon Torp instead of the quantum.
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03-15-2014, 01:37 PM
Have a look at this:


Looks like you could work a boon on your dps with some boff changes (drop the eng in uni for a tac & change some key powers, change eng powers for a ep2s/ep2w) and possibly moving from an a2b build to the drake build. This uses dce doff's to reduce the cd on your ep2x abilities for max uptime.

Go beam arrays all over bar maybe the cutting beam or/and the ap omni directional (if you use ap arrays) with the obelisk core for a further ap damage boost.

I would loose one rcs regardless (made certian by going beams),1 plate and the cloak and replace with a tachy conv mod, the assim' mod and maybe the zero p rom mod.

Also I have read the new tac cons dont stack the crit chance correctly and people are getting more dps from their previous tac consoles..maybe worth checking out.

I have got as close to the linked build as possible ( my gear is not as good, namely the eng/shi/def set and the tac consoles. I don't want to go the leech route) on the non fleet variant and despite the difference in some of the gear, it kicked arse. I normally fly escorts and my 'loo' of doom or chimera if you prefer with dhc's and fly pve the same as pvp as such. Trying the avenger out has been a pleasant surprise. Hitting apb with ep2w and bfaw3 is as mad as a box of frogs

So with this current setup...
I'm getting 8k - 9k in ISE

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