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03-14-2014, 11:19 AM
which Oddy?
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03-14-2014, 11:13 PM
After doing some testing I've come to the conclusion that personally I tend to prefer the Odyssey's style of tanking. It's just a shame there aren't any better customizations for it. I'd really like a neck that doesn't split down the middle.. maybe that will come in the future though.
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Just signed up and can't start a new thread, so I hope everyone will forgive me for perhaps taking this on a very slight tangent.

Vulcan Engineering Captain flying a Tactical Odyssey (so you can see relationship to tanking with an Odyssey) and exclusively PvEing.

Will complete the Dyson, Nukara, and Omega Reputation levels within the next week, which is causing me to have to think about changing and/or mixing and matching space sets.

Currently using the 3 pc. Solanae set (deflector, shield, impulse engine) and it seems fine.

However, I'm debating whether to change to 2 pc. MACO (deflector, shields) + 2 pc. Dyson (impulse engines, warp core). My question the more experienced captains is whether this seems like a logically sensible build (my Captain is a Vulcan after all)? I'm looking these in particular because of the sets which will be readily available to me (Dyson, Solanae, Nukara, Borg, MACO, Adapted MACO), the qualities of the Dyson warp core and MACO deflector seem to stand out to me as being most desirable of their component type (I've read enough about people extolling the virtues of the Borg, MACO, and Adapted MACO shields to the point where between max. capacity and regen rate I'm not sure there is a meaningful difference between them). So, unless I'm way off base, I'm trying to figure out how (or if I should) build around those two pieces.

For my specs. (what I can see by hovering before I buy all these pieces), it appears that the combination of the two 2 pc. sets would give me (and I'll try to group some of info to explain why this build look like an option to me):

MACO Shields + other
7775.9 max shields (5% absorption, 5% bleedthrough)
199.4 shield regeneration rate
-10% energy damage to shields
-20% plasma damage to shields
+2 all power settings when taking directed energy attacks
+5 shield power (2.5 from Dyson warp core and 2.5 from Dyson impulse engines)
+5 max shield power (from Dyson warp core)
+7.5% of weapons power to shields as bonus power (from Dyson warp core)
and Shield Capacitor (+314.8 shield regeneration, +15 shield power for 20 sec - from Dyson warp core)

MACO Deflector + Other
+17.5 shield emitters
+26.2 structural integrity
+17.5 shield system
+26.2 electro-plasma system (8.8 from deflector and 17.5 from Dyson warp core)
+37.8 inertial dampers (17.5 from deflector and 20.3 from Dyson Set 2 bonus)
+17.5 graviton generators
+35.5 power insulators (20.3 from Dyson Set 2 bonus and 15.2 from MACO Set 2 bonus)

Dyson Warp Core
Max. Warp Factor 10
50% cooldown reduction on transwarp
+23.1 impulse thrusters
+0.2 slipstream bonus

Dyson Combat Impulse Engine
+2.5 engine power
+2.5 auxiliary power
+15 flight speed
+0.18 flight turn rate
+16.5 full impulse flight speed (full impulse being +124.6 flight speed)

and a 5% power recharge speed (from the MACO Set 2 Magnetoplasma Relays).

Thanks to anyone who had the patience to wade through that. All advice will be appreciated.

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03-15-2014, 06:48 AM
My Sovereign tanking build:

3x Technician for A2B
1x Jem'Hadar Security DOff for increasing Thread Generation with AP
1x Quatermaster for decreasing Battery Cooldown
1x Warp Core Engineer for removing all debuffs

To be an usefull tank you have take the hits for your team so the enemies have to shoot at you. That means you need a lot of thread generation and damage.
I prefer the Soveveign because of it's higher damage output.  1419967090

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Here's my Sci Ody tank set-up:

DOff set-up is in the build notes. I run one copy of Aux2Batt, but not for the Technician proc.

Basically there are only two ways something can kill me in PvE:

1) Lag
2) Pilot Error

I have tanked two of the boss groups in the Dyson Contested Zone event finale simultaneously, and survived (although lag makes it dangerous).
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Originally Posted by aeday View Post
Basically I've been wondering if anyone knows how the Odyssey Class compares to the Sovereign class in tanking styles.

I would say I'd prefer to use the Sovereign for tanking but in saying that my intuition tells me that the Odyssey would be better for some reason? I don't know.. maybe because it's bigger I seem to think it would be better for tanking.

Tanking is pointless in this game. Any half decent player and ship build can survive whatever this game throws at you except for the 1-shot-instakills that you can't do anything about.

That said, I'd say the Fleet Sovereign over the Odyssey. Though the Odyssey can have a fairly comparable BOFF layout as the Sovereign, its handling is inferior to the Sovereign. Not only that, the Sovereign looks far better than the Odyssey (opinion of course). You'll also be having a very healthy 4/4/2 TAC/ENG/SCI Console layout. The "TAC" Odyssey only has a 3/4/3 console layout. So, if you want a pretty sturdy Cruiser that is offensively strong and handles well, the Sovereign is it.

A Tank in STO is actually hindrance to any team you're on, because everyone, even the smallest KDF BOP, Romulan T'Varo, and whatever Escort out there has enough healing to take care of themselves, and if not, there's sufficient cross healing to see teammates through. What any team needs is Firepower. The Sovereign will give ample enough firepower and still be quite survivable. And with that firepower you'll blaze through everything else quicker.

Say No To Tanking.

In STO, it's obsolete.

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