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I know most of these bugs are already reported, but I thought well why not post them again, as they happened to me in a very short period of time.

I went to explore the Delta Volanis Cluster.
I got a mission very fast. Something with finding a shattered probe.
So I beamed down.

When I was on the surface, I was my Starship. For about a minute. Maybe longer.
After I got my real body, I did the mission.
After half of the mission I realized that my Awayteam was not there, except for a Security.
But no problem they appeared a little later.
Well I finished the mission beamed up into space and in the space sector map I was a human.
And I fell. Dealt 145 Dmg which appeared to be 49% of my ships health.
I remained a human until i was able to go on another mission.
A colony attacked by Klingons.
On the surface I was a ship again. And guess what my Away-team was missing again.
But I thought dont worry be happy there is an anomaly u can scan.
Yes I could scan it, it said "Data acquired" but i was not able to pick up the metal.
Then after maybe 5 minutes the mission screen popped up and told me what to do.
And yeah I was a human.
At last.
My Away-Team? It was there too.
So I went to fight the Klingons.
The I saw those torgs (the beasts some Klingons have).
And they were not running.
No they were gliding over the surface.
But if they went backwards, they were running forward.
Looked kinda strange.
I finished the mission anyway. I found another scannable anomaly, but this one gave me no metal as well.
Then I beamed up, guess what?
I was a human in space again.
After a very short period of time I finally was my spaceship.
I looked for a mission and found one.
I went into the system, but had to abort the mission, cause i had no medical supplies with me.
On my way to Sol the connection to the server was lost.
So I took my time and wrote this few lines.

Hopefully these bugs / features will be solved soon.

Live long and prosper and so on...
Lt. Commander
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01-21-2010, 03:38 PM
And the misery is not finished...

This time I went into the Lackey system.
Everything was good until I went into the listening post.
Well first I was a spaceship again. And no Awayteam again, except for 1 Security.
I beamed back, I fell, and so on.
I beamed back in.
Now my Awayteam consisted of 6 (!) members.
One was exactly the same one with whom I beamed in the first time.
Good to know he was not reacting. Or doing anything. Just standing.
Then all of a sudden I had the spaceship controls in the station.
So beaming back out, back in.
Connection to Server lost.
Fortunately only for a short time. So no real disconnect.
But then a Klingon and a floating weapon attacked me.
The floating weapon turned into a Klingon after I shot at it.
A Fight later a Klingon disappeared after I shot him.
Though he was not dead I was still able to shoot at him to make him appear again.
This happened quite some time until the mission was over.

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