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# 1 Someone diagnose this please!
01-21-2010, 05:53 PM
Ok so I have a friend with an old computer that's having some problems. They appear to have been caused by STO. I'm quite good with computers and I cannot for the life of me diagnose the exact problem here so maybe someone here can help:

Proc: AMD Athalon 3800+ 2.4 ghz single core 939 socket
RAM: 2gb 4x512 DDR1
Vid: ATI HD4650 1024VRAM PCIe 2.0 recommended PSU 400W
PSU: 550W (I think, its between 5 and 6 for sure)

Symptoms: While playing STO the comp shut off as though the plug had been pulled. After reboot the system will shut off in an identical manner when playing any game now for about 10 mintues. The clocked temperatures at time of shutoff are:
CPU: 57C
GPU: 65C

Since the comp can turn on, it can't be a fried processor or graphics card, though there might be damage to either one. Both of them fail at perfectly acceptable temperatures however. The RAM has been tested by software and by individually crashing the comp with every permutation of the four sticks, so if it's the RAM all of it is bad and not just a faulty stick or two. But if all the ram is bad the comp shouldn't start. So I conclude the RAM is good.

The heat sync is connected properly, though it has so far not been removed and individually inspected. The power supply appears to be working, but the symptoms seem to fit power supply failure at a certain voltage, so my next test to be performed tomorrow is transplanting a 650W PSU to see if that fixes it.

I am hesitant to rebuild this computer until I know for sure what's wrong with it and that it wont happen again. Please help. And so help me if I get a Dev response telling me to input -perframesleep 10 I'm canceling my preorder!
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# 2
01-21-2010, 05:54 PM
Sounds like the usual overheating other have been experiencing with the game. There is a command you can enter in teh launcher that reduces FPS/GPU strain - while in the launcher, hit options and type in this - " -perframesleep 10 " minus quotes of course.. Sorry, ahd to post this info even tho its not what you want to hear lol It could be overheating, perhaps you need to reset the thermal grease on the GPU/CPU so it transfers heat more efficiently.

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