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Does anyone else find it odd that my BoP is both longer and wider than the intrepid and comparing it to the other fed and KDF vessels that it is above average size even for cruisers(not counting T5 and 4 cruisers). Isnt the BoP supposed to be more fighter like in stature, maybe its just me.
just noticed your post and thought i would through in my 2pence. The BoP is actually meant as a multipurpose design, and its size is matched to the purpose it is for. e.g a small scout (origianl b'rel) would be about the size of the defiant, but if it was taking the role of fleet escort would probably be much larger, more inline with voyager, so no i dont find your ships size to be odd. one refrence i checked before (i think it was the wiki) said that there was even a "Cruiser" sized BoP model which was a front line assault ship type idea so BoP's come in many sizes.

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