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# 1 Bridge Officer training bug
01-22-2010, 02:31 AM
Ok, this is a big wtf..

I hit 21 just a few mins ago, and decided to train up my BOff's. Unfortunately I only had enough credits for a single promition.. So.. I promoted my main tactical from Lt. to Lt.Cmndr who at the time knew
Torpedo: High Yield I (Ensign)
Cannon: Rapid Fire I [Reattack speed] (Lt.)

I leveled her up and trained her to
Torpedo: High Yeild I (Ensign)
Torpedo: High Yield II (Lt.)
Cannon: Rapid Fire II [Reattack Speed] (Lt.Cmdr)

I also changed my other Lt. BOff to
Torpedo: Spread I (Ensign)
Cannon: Rapid Fire I [Reattack Speed] (Lt.)

Simple enough. Now.. When I went to my assignments and undocked with these officers, I saw that somehow my Lt.Cmdr tactical officer had magically skilled to:

Torpedo Spread I (Ensign)
Cannon: Rapid Fire I [Scatter Volley] (Lt.)
Torpedo High Yield II (Lt.)
Cannon: Rapid Fire II [Reattack] (Lt.Cmd)

All at level 9.

My secondary officer now knows:
Torpedo Spread I (Ensign)
Cannon: Rapid Fire I [Scatter Volley] (Lt.)
Torpedo High Yield II (Lt.)

Again, level 9.

Firstly, where'd these skills even come from, why did I lose my Reattack rapid fire, and why do both my tactical officers have two Lt. skills? Furthermore, because of my main knowing two Lt. Skills and one Lt.Cmdr skill, I cannot use my Lt.Cmdr skill on the Lt.Cmdr console because the second Lt. Skill fills that slot.

Also, my other Lt. BOffs do not have this random second Lt. slot skill, and thus function properly in their assigned consoles.

What now?

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