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Since Cryptic wants to be a bunch of party poopers and keep locking outfits behind the cursed off duty slot, and make things mutually exclusive, I decided to make this thread. Which is were you can share, learn and use some creative uses of outfits in spite of the various restrictions. Hopefully this will help Cryptic open up the tailor some more, and let us go hog wild.

I apologize for the bad screenshots, I'll have to figure out how to take better ones later.

Tip #1.

For starters, you can totally create high heeled pumps. Simply slide the "feet size" slider to zero, and the "feet thickness" slider to maximum and it will create a high heeled pump look:

Sadly this only really works with alien characters. It can be done with other species, but the effect is much less pronounced. On the upside it works with both the Seven of Nine shoes, and the Academy Heels.

Tip #2.

The Voth Uniform is hilariously amusing to mess around with, if you don't have it, get it. It's the only lobi outfit that's a must have, and it's because it can be abused so much it's a must have.

Combine it with the Seven of Nine outfit for an armored bodysuit:

Combine it with a uniform for an alien look:

To be continued~

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Or if you get really silly, you can get something that wouldn't look out of place in an episode of TOS:

Tip #3.

Combine the Borg options or one of the visors with a tattoo to get an interesting look:

More/better screenshots to come! Feel free to add your own, or make suggestions! Hopefully Cryptic will open up the options in the coming seasons.

To be continued~
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Does it stop there you say? Negative.

Baby undine!!!!!

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Originally Posted by thay8472 View Post

Does it stop there you say? Negative.

Baby undine!!!!!

If you can do this outside the foundry...and can show me how, there's 20mil EC with your name on it in my bank.
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How did you get mini Undine?
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