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Would it be possible to have a uniform loadout system for the BOs? It would be nice to have the BO's be able to wear more desert appropriate gear when on a place like Nimbus. Likewise, on a planet with blizzard conditions, it would be nice to have your crew wearing climate appropriate gear. Maybe you have other uniform categories you would like to select such as Dress uniforms, Mercanary/civilian 'undercover' uniforms. Maybe you want to have 'shipboard' uniforms vs 'hazard team' away uniforms. Maybe you created a few uniform styles and would like to display them without having to go to a tailor and individually change each BO's outfit.

Here is an idea, lets say you are given a set amount of costume loadout profiles....maybe one or two, in addition to the default. (maybe more uniform loadout slots could be bought via C store). So you create a profile, and designate it 'DESERT' for example. Each BO of yours would then get an open costume slot tied to that profile. You can then create separate 'Desert' outfits for each of you BOs...ie Sci, Tac, Eng, Cross Faction...etc. Maybe on the Away Team personnel selector, or via your own costume change selection, you could change the outfits of your BOs by changing the designated uniform profile.

Cryptic probably has bigger fish to fry right now but it would be nice to have something like this for those away missions. It would certainly enhance the 'RP' experience. It is silly to watch my skimpy Orion gal running around an Arctic planet.

Another request that probably has been requested by others. Can we please get mercenary and/or off duty costume options for the BOs? Maybe some foundry missions involve undercover work. The Khan outfits for BOs would be awesome too, just for the fun of creating a crew of Khansmen/women.

Anyway, just some ideas.

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03-21-2014, 01:09 PM
Well, there IS an option to have Boffs import just the uniform part of a saved costume. I've done it on some of my characters.

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03-21-2014, 06:18 PM
Yeah I use the tailor's save outfit function all the time to try out and load various uniform schemes. I would just hope for some way to change the away team's uniforms either on the fly or via some menu option on the personnel page without having to go to the tailor and change outfits individually there.

I understand maybe the extra uniform slots for BOs would take up a little server space, perhaps Cryptic could get a small return by charging a 'reasonable' EC fee to change outfits prior to the mission, just like you get charged for changing clothes at the tailor.

I think with a costume profile system like this, it could even open the way for wearing cross faction uniforms for under cover or 'renegade' missions. Having something like this would give foundry mission writers lots of possible spy/rebel/holodeck stories which would be loads of fun.

There were quite a few episodes and movies from the series involving the crews being under cover or 'unemployed' by their fleet.


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03-23-2014, 06:02 AM
I get bored with the outfit options too easily (the amount of time I spend at the tailor just to end up with the exact same look an hour later is ridiculous) so I'd probably like this to be implemented... but I'd just get more frustrated and aste even more time if it was :p

Quick way around it though is to make different teams. I've ended up with a lot of BO's due to ending up with a surplus of zen and not knowing what else to spend it on (other than ore dil) so I've got one team with their own set of uniforms for the Dyson Battlezone, then two other sets of away teams with different uniforms - and since I've got three costume slots, I switch when needed as I like everyone to match.

Admittedly this is an absolutely pointless addition and doesn't effect my game play whatsoever... but it was my 'quick fix' to vary the look of my characters and teams.
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03-23-2014, 11:08 AM
I've asked for this so many times it's not even funny.

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