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Originally Posted by noroblad View Post
KDF aligned roms CANNOT use tier 5 KDF ships. Or mirror ships. So you are talking buying low level, inferior ships just to share them.

Originally Posted by noroblad View Post
Use that zen to get your leech console -- which WILL be usable by the romulan.
Only somewhat true... You can't buy a KDF version of that console, except by buying the ship from the C-Store. To the best of my knowledge, the lockbox version of the console is Fed only and the KDF C-Store version is bound to character and can't be sold on the exchange. You can't buy the lockbox version with zen. You have to buy with EC at whatever the going rate is on the Exchange.

Aside from that, I appreciate your recommendations.
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03-26-2014, 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by eatsmart View Post
Buy a mirror Vo'Quv on the exchange and have a play with it. Its a solid ship that's "klingon" and the mirror version has its own situational merits that mean its not strictly inferior to the fleet Vo'Quv. Your experience with it should inform you about how well you like/dislike the carrier playstyle which is one of the kdf "special themes" that they have the option of persuing.
Originally Posted by solidshatner View Post
I second this - I have the Mogh as well as a couple of lock box n lobi ships - its amazing how much fun Ive had with the Mirror Vo Quv . . . and for HELLA cheap too Ill add.

I looking this: some changes maybe you need but... if an eng can do this dps... well good luck!!!


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