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When I first started beta testing in November, I noticed major rubberbanding lag. I am still experiencing the same lag now that I'm back at college after Christmas break. When I played from my house, I had no connection issues. I am connected to a internet connection with a 5.5 megabit download and a 2 megabit upload, according to My computer access the internet via ethernet cable. I am currently attending college and am using their internet connection. The college also has a wireless internet connection.

If I jump through hoops to get my desktop connected to it, the connection is much better, yet still has lag. This ranges from what I consider standard lag from what I understand from other beta testers, to unplayable rubberbanding lag like when plugged into the wireless.

What I find interesting is that I can see the movement of other players just fine. Their ships are moving correctly, appearing and disappearing between sectors. I can also see other player's chat in the chat box.

To me, it appears that the inbound connection works just fine, but the outbound packets are being blocked for some reason.

I have eliminated the computer from the equation by hooking it up to another internet connection. It worked fine when hooked up to this other internet connection. I have also connected another computer to my internet connection, and I experience the same lag.

When connected to the internet through the wired connection, I am able to log in to the game and get to my ship, however, I am never able to do anything. The power levels of my ship stay at 0, I can interact with the UI, like increasing the ship's speed, but my ship never goes anywhere. If I eventually go somewhere, I almost always lag back to the spot I originally logged in to. I can access the fleet window and see who is logged on, but I can't message them. I can see other player's movement and chat like normal.

I am going to go to the college's IT department and I would like some ideas on what to discuss with them. For example, what are the recommended ports to have open in a firewall? Any other ideas why the outbound data packets are not reaching the STO server. I can play other online games, both standard online matches and other MMOs. Examples include EVE, LOTRO, Crysis, Sins of a Solar Empire, ect. I have only noticed this lack of outbound connection in STO. Anyone have any ideas about this issue?
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01-22-2010, 12:17 PM
Most university block or filter non standard ports and packets. Be sure they have ports 7000-7500 open and unfiltered (higher priority for game packet to cyrptic servers.)

download and run nettest to see if the ports are being filtered.
Go to
Download this file and run it
A command prompt should appear running the test automatically
Do alt prtscn (besure the nettest windows is the active window) to Copy and paste the results in paint and save as jpeg and attach it in a post in this forum
Good results have column 1 and 3 with values around 300- 500kb/sec, column 2 with 20kb/sec
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01-22-2010, 02:10 PM
Here is a link to the picture. I couldn't figure out how to directly post an attachment.

Everything looks good except that the 2nd column sometimes drops a bit under 20kb/sec
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01-22-2010, 02:34 PM
well your nettest looks good at least on the portts tested. I would still let the net admin know the port ranges the game uses 7000-7500 as the ports are dynamicly assigned within that range.

you can even give them the netest program for them to do thier own testing.

ip ranges for the game servers I have seen are to

you may also try clearing the dns cache on your pc. command/run prompt type ipconfig /flushdns incase there a bad cache entry.

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