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# 1 klingon tac captain help
03-28-2014, 09:04 AM
I've spent my entire career in cruisers as an engineer and finally gotten around to rolling a klink tac captain. When I hit lvl 50, I want to be able to switch from the Bortasqu (sp) to a BoP. I know they are vastly different ships, but I want to play both. So, what do you tac vets think is the best way to allocate points based on the above?
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03-28-2014, 09:23 AM
Which bop? B'rel battle cloaking is different from norgh jack-of-all is different from ho'sus. I drive the norgh mostly, have a b'rel also.

Torps or all cannons or some sorta weird beam build?

As a tac you probably need a bunch of survival from your officers... might even go with something nutty like using your Lts for tac and your heavy hitters for eng/sci. A durable approach would be cmdr sci, ltmcdr eng, and the rest tac, for example, loading the sci and eng with healing abilities and maybe GW3, or some sort of "do not target me" sci skill. A dps build might have the big guys tactical but the ships are so fragile...

As for actual captain skills, it just depends on what you use. IMHO you want 6 points in all armor, shields, defense, power levels, and appropriate weapons systems. From there its just a choice of what you plan to use, and since BOP can support so many setups, you may or may not want particles for warp plasma, or stuff for GW, or torps, or shield drains, or whatever else. All are possible, and you may or may not ever use them all in various combos..... a generic can do everything build works -- and so would a dps specialist.
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03-28-2014, 04:05 PM
My KDF toon is a TAC and I have been flying BoPs since I started this faction. I primary toon is Fed engineer flying cruisers.

The one thing I found hard adjusting to (and still have not mastered yet at level 50) is the very limited 45 deg firing angle of heavy dual cannons. Cruisers have low maneuverability which is why the 250 deg beam arrays are awesome for them. I did use a dual beam bank with 90 firing arc for a while though. Switching over from 250 deg to 45 deg firing arc is rather dramatic so you will need to develop new tactics.

A BoP is no where near as durable as cruiser (at least a Fed cruiser) and you must learn how to use your battle cloak effectively. However, the firepower of a BoP can be pretty impressive as long as you align your BoP properly so that the cannons will fire; still getting the hang of this right now. I will tell you that a BoP is kinda like cannon fodder against the Borg and Crystalline Entity. I have fight against the Borg in those sector Red Alerts I feel that I am doing no more damage than a bee sting. I played Crystalline Catastrophe Elite several times and that mission can be punishing for a BoP.

While I am level 50 at the moment I am still fighting with a T4 BoP. I am on the fence regarding my T5 upgrade. I am considering going for the Heavy Qin because it seems to offer a balance of firepower / durability / maneuverability. Or perhaps simply a cruiser which I cannot remember the name. I will likely buy a T5 B'rel down the road if I decide not to go for a T5 BoP.
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# 4
03-28-2014, 04:09 PM
The weapon load out on my T4 BoP:

Foreward Arc:
- Plasma Disruptor Hybrid Heavy Dual Cannon Mk XI x2
- Plasma Disruptor Hybrid Beam Array Mk XI x1

Aft Arc:
- Plasma Disruptor Hybrid Beam Array Mk XI x1
- Plasma Mine Launcher Mk XI x1

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