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03-29-2014, 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by lilchibiclari View Post
Even in the Trek timeline, it's still another fifty years until Cochrane builds a working prototype of such a device.
Reading this, suddenly, it hits me...depending on who is keeping score, Zephram Cochrane was born last year. ("2013, according to the First Contact novelization" - Wikipedia). Makes me wonder if we just might have a real Zephram Cochrane or two learning to walk.

I also just realized there's an outside chance I'll be around in 2063, the year the Phoenix will launch. I'd be 97, but I've had several relatives live over 90 (including great-grandma at 108. Yowsers!) Now to find out how fast I can get to the Ba'ku homeworld for another 300 years.

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