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So I have been seeing all these posts about blah blah its to hard blah blah its to easy.
Me I have been on the fence about this due to not seeing enough proof one way or another.

Well today I noticed something.......

Pi Canis sector Yesterday doing Doomsday = Space fights were real simple and easy not alot of threat needed a bit more dificulty (quest bugged and server went down) Ground portion was a tad bit harder then I remember other ground fights being. Tho I was taking less Damage the mobs were taking tons of damage to kill.

Pi Canis Today doing Doomsday = Space Fights were harder actually used a couple skills. Space fights could still use a tiny bump in the harder direction. Ground Combat In general it was easier but the enemies took FOREVER to kill. I got bored and started watching TV between mobs.

So after this I did another quest in the sector and hit Sol system picked up a quest for alpha centauri.
I travel to Alpha Centauri and start the drop off diplomat? quest. It entails clearing 3 waves of defenders at a asteroid belt. Then beaming down disarming 3 bomb and beaming out 3 crates of mines. (I forget the name)

Space part of this (Romulan Enemies) Space was super super easy virtually no real shield Damage not any threat at all. All enemies were +1 also. NO Defensive skills used at all.

Ground combat (Romulan Enemies) I did get a better personal shield before this a Mk4 just for reference.
Enemies did little dmg and not alot of threat of dying at all (which I was glad for due to the number I got stuck fighting. The wild part was the Enemies had WAY WAY WAY WAY to many HP and sheilds. I got bored spaming weapons fire. It took me literally 45mins to clear that tiny base. Commanders and their Eng npcs were insane. One "Base Commander mob" I fought my entire away team vs him and him alone. He did no real dmg to me or my team but it took 7mins and 36sec to kill him. I had to do this quest 2x since it bugged on me the first so I was ready to time one of those S.O.B.S this time. That was 5 vs 1 commander

CONCLUSION= Well more of a guess, It seems to me that mobs are Way harder or Way easier depending on the area you fight in or type. Right now the Klingons at -1 I ran into in Pi Canis on a few quests were close to a good level of dificulty and the Romulans at +1 in Alpha Centari were jokes minus the insane ground combat HP insanity.

Let me know if you have run into similar difficulties in those areas.

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