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Originally Posted by jjdez View Post
Before you start moving any of this over to another ship, there are a few things you should consider to bring your MVAM up to date. This of course being said right before the release of a new season that will make you review it all yet again, but what can you do. I also did this 'update' with you specifically in mind, and knowing that while every now and then you stroll into the pvp queues, it isn't your #1 or even #2 thing to do in STO.

Not sure what your dil/fc situation is, but for PvE I would consider getting [Dmg]x3 [CrtH] for your DHCs and turrets to help maximize the immediate CrtH and not depend on Acc overflow. I also dropped your Omnidirectional array, (explanation under warp core), and the Nukara Mines as most of your enemies should be in front of you stuck in your GW1 or the torps GW.

I won't bother, I know you love the Aegis and want to keep using it.

Dropped the Obelisk in favor of an Elite Fleet with AMP. I know you like the two piece bonus of +10% antiproton damage, but if used correctly with all power levels above 75, the fleet core will give you +14% ALL damage, not just antiproton.

Aux battery to boost all your sci abilities in case of emergency. I did drop the subspace thing all together in case you go into PvP and forget you can get slammed with proton damage now, don't want to make it easier for the vapers with -400 resistance on accident.

Changed all tac consoles to the Locaters, again maxing CrtH is the name of the game these days plus your antiproton weapons come with innate CrtD already. Dropped the Monotanium and Jumper for things that are actually useful such as Zero Point (more CrtH etc), and Plasmonic Leech which will help you maintain all power levels above 75 (refer back to AMP bonus on the core).

Swapped CRF3 for CSV3, don't want to waste the work your GWs are doing by shooting at only one target. Swapped HY1 for TS1, torpedo spread never misses, use it over the already weak HY1. Swapped EPtS2 for EPtW2, with DOffs now you can have these both up 100% of the time anyway.

You didn't detail these in your build, so here's a basic setup:
Damage Control Engineer (x2) to reduce EPtX cooldowns
Projectile Weapons Officer (x2) keep those torps going
Warp Core Engineer (x1) chance for bonus power
Dlyrene (x1) extra damage to borg, STFs only obviously. This guy can be pricey though, so another option would be to use an Energy Weapons Officer (x1) for bonus shield power.

Made some changes here you can go find, this is of course assuming you would even want to spend the zen for such a thing right now.

edit: Forgot to mention BOff species above. The blue romulan males from the embassy for all your tac slots, make the other two human.
well hia thar dez, wasnt expecting a post from you. interesting suggestions, though i have a few questions/comments.

first off the consoles for crtH i've been working on saving for, of course our fleet is still T2 spire, but there's always the NOP public service channel we all are well familiar with.

my main question is the warp core. would you mind explaining exactly how this helps? if its a simple question of power levels, i'd like to point out that i have all power to weapons, making it 125, and then the rest of my power routed to shields. with all power taken out of aux and engines they somehow idle at about 65-75. once i go into combat they go to about 90, and when i get ready at it, my auxiliary has been seen at 110. as an engie, power levels really come easy to me, so i'm curious how that warp core helps and what amp means. been too lazy to research that sort of math XD

secondly, i've never quite figured out plasmonic leech, could you explain what this does? i do have one sitting in my bank, but i've been trying to decide if i need it or not.

the Boff changes i understand and sometimes switch out for. but that heavy gravimetric torpedo has been known to do 40k to exposed hull and i rather enjoy that. XD

Originally Posted by dorusnonn View Post
Never thought, I'd see the day .. Pirko going KDF in such a dedicated fashion.
did someone call an ex-timelords reunion or something? o.o
Timelords Fleet

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