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Hi ok first off let me tell you that i love star trek, as you can tell from my registration date ive been waiting for it a long time, much longer than that date. I like the way the game is made i love playing the game so its not an issue with that.. BUT. Cryptic will be launching this as a Live product in a few days and i cant stay connected for longer than one Zone ! Here is how it gose.

Load Launcher
Log Into game
Change system
Disconnected From Server...
Log into game again
Fight my way through the mission
Change back to main map
Disconnected from Server
Log Back into game again
Disconnected from Server...

I know this sounds like some bad joke but its not !

I have seen hundreds of people with this same issue... The patch b4 last sorted this issue to an extent then a few mins later they took the server down and patched again since then the issue has got alot worce.. its gone from happening nerly every time to happeing Every Single Time !

Don't know what i hope to achieve by posting this but its really really getting to me.. and worrying me that the game will go live and we will have to pay for the privilege of getting Disconnected from server every single time you zone ! I never thought anything would make me not play STO and it scares me that something like this may just force me not to play it cos i simply Cant !

edit : and what a surprise just tried to login after posting this and Loged in / Retreaving list of Chars / Disconnected from Server !

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