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i have bough 1100 zen its in my balance but cant seem to transfer it to game i get to transfer screen i choose the game but when i choose server it just says charaters and i cant choose amount to transfer anyone else having this problem
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02-19-2014, 12:10 PM
If the balance is in your PWE account and not attached to any other game, options are very limited.

Star Trek Online -> Holodeck-> Transfer Amount. Thats it. There should be no option for characters unless you selected the wrong game.

Edit: Zen in STO is account based, not character based.
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02-19-2014, 12:34 PM
sometimes things take time to process. Ive had it go right through in seconds, and Ive had it take quite a while. Try it again once an hour for today and if it still won't transfer, you may need to contact their support line.

you can also try the usual suspects.... exit browser, clear junk, restart it...
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02-19-2014, 12:40 PM
Speaking of having issues with zen transfer, has anyone else had a problem with the screen auto-reloading right after purchasing? Its like they turned it into a sick game where you have to time your mouse click just right to get to the transfer page.
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hi there,

I'm also having trouble with purchasing Zen ! I Managed to get it in My Wallet, but now the STO-Website no longer offers the page, so I can't Transfer the amount to My Account !

I Hope they fix it soon ! As I Wanna Play the game !

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03-29-2014, 06:49 AM
The walets still there, just the link to it is extremely awkward.


^ Thats the link to the new Arc 'Zen' page, and the wallet link is right underneath the oversized 'BUY OUR STUFF!' amounts.

Took me a few minutes to find it first time.
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04-03-2014, 12:57 PM
I just got some yesterday or technically really early this morning. As of late Iíve purchased it from the perfect world site. If you roll over charge zen then click purchase you can go as low as 5 buck s which nice if you just need a few bucks to push you over some amount for a new ship or something. It took about 20-30 second to go though and it showed up in the account as soon as it said it was done. I did have it take a few hours about a week or two ago to go though no idea why it never did it before. I Figure it was something to do with the time of day.
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05-15-2014, 11:24 AM
So i now have 3.4k zen in my wallet.In Arc,when i choose to transfer my zen into sto,the second and third drop down boxes are empty so i can't choose anything.

Select server box comes up with "choose characters" and i can't pick that,and the select amount box is grayed out.

Now,i do have a very old account on perfect world(their old mmo) and if i switch to that i CAN transfer zen,my server is able to be chosen and the amount of zen i want to transfer.

I have an STO account,so i don't understand what's wrong.

Could anyone help me here?

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# 9 Having problems too
05-27-2014, 10:27 AM

I have just bought 3300 Zen and the transaction has completed and was successful.

The zen is clearly showing in my wallet BUT when I go to transfer it to STO, I am not able to.

The first selection box is fine and I select Star Trek Online, the second selection box however, usually says HOLODECK, but for some reason it now says 'no characters' and even if I select this or not the third selection box stays greyed out not allowing me to select the amount of zen I want to transfer.

I have tried to open a support ticket, but I am not even able to do this. Every time I select 'contact us' the page cannot be displayed.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys
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07-12-2014, 03:27 AM
I have a similar problem. I can't transfer ZEN from My Wallet into STO. I also get only the NO CHARACTERS option. I sent a ticket and they responded that it may be because I just started playing the game and my character had not finished the Tutorial Missions. At first I was happy because this was true I hadn't finished the tutorial missions. However I have now and am still having the same problem.

Suppourt also mentioned that the criteria for being able to transfer ZEN was different for each game. But how are we suppoused to know what the requirements are? And why would you not be able to transfer it as soon as you have a Character in the game world? You are paying real world money for the service of having ZEN already, so why should I have to wait or meet some criteria to be able to spend it? And if there is such criteria it should be made clearly known to the players.

Alslo if I try to buy ZEN and put it into a specific game instead of My Wallet Star Trek Online is not even in the Games list.

I have read about the clearing the cache and cookies thing when related to various problems, so I will try that. I understand that the game uses Internet Explorer btw which I hate but what can ya do.

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