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Hey all,

Peacekeeper Underground is looking for mature players that enjoy STO and being part of a casual fleet. We play when we want, and donate to projects when we want or can. We'll get to the higher Tier's, it'll just take some time.

We're currently at Starbase Tier 1 and working on reaching Tier 1 with the rest (Fleet LVL 4 - XP 6000) so as you can see there's lots of fleet credits to be earned as of this posting)

There's positions available for top level ranks currently.
Right now Lieutenant rank and higher has store access and is able to invite to fleet. The fleet bank is also open with no limitations with same rank and higher, with access to fleet EC's as well.

Initial rank is warrior which can deposit to the bank and participate in project donations. Warrior also has its own tab in the fleet bank to be used however those with warrior rank wants.

Rank options may be changed as we go but thats how it is currently.

Being a pretty new fleet I can't boast having a website or any kind of teamspeak, but this is an option we can try in the future.

If interested contact me and we'll get you invited!



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