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Okay, so, thanks to First Contact Day/D'OH!/Republic Day event, I've finally returned to my old Rom-Fed character. And... I feel awkward now. I dunno what to do! I've done so much with my Fed character, I feel awkward!

So, I've decided to do some basic work before I dive into the wonderful world of STFs. I've bought a Mirror Dhelan and now I'm poking at the Episode replay list for ideas on what to grab, but I'm at a loss.

I wanna get the Bio-Molecular Warhead Launcher before it goes away and joins the Undine rep line, that's for certain. Everything else... not so sure. What do you think would be the best? Only thing I'm certain of is that I'm sure you guys would recommend me getting the Solanae Space Set. And I agree - I loved it on my Fed ship before I transferred it to my DSD
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04-04-2014, 09:11 AM
Originally Posted by gofasternow View Post
I feel awkward now. I dunno what to do! I've done so much with my Fed character, I feel awkward!
Elet dermai i arhem rhifv arhem nvaih i arhem Lloann'mhrahel hfai... arhem mhæli Yyhlenen.
Oi ESD crawae nim Mos Eisely i arhem. Arhem mosmondae arhem rhienn kuhaosev haeiuln ehrie.

This happens to me when I jump onto my Federation sla... I mean Characters.
Also ESD feels like Mos Eisely to me. I guess my blood has finally turned green.

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04-04-2014, 09:26 AM
The solanae deflector is not too bad. I tend to mix and match, I love the JH engines for weapon power, and as often as not I just used the paratrinic shield over the purple ones as it was easier to get. (unclear, but this may have been taken from the game)

Weapons... if cannons, the hybrid plasma disruptors are easy to get and potent. Beams, the antiproton beam arrays are solid and you can match with the ob carrier beam.

There is a thread on free stuff.

Do your dyson rep right off. 5 min a day, 1 loot box a day, and the consoles may be weak but if you have nothing they can be useful.

Honestly if your other char has some money, you could totally outfit well enough for stfs off the exchange. If you can get forward fleet weapons, at least 3 of them, everything else can be "good enough for now" exchange or mission reward items. And that is just for higher dps, you can manage with blue XI weapons if you are unable to do that.

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