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Originally Posted by shadowwraith77 View Post
Decent choice in gear, however the shield array is primarily meant for fighting the borg, so it won't help much against other energy types outside of plasma other than having a huge cap.
Which is why I go with Solanae. Solanae has the same capacity and base resistance as the Elite Fleet Covariant shield... and, again, it's FREE. No rep grinding necessary.

The old rep sets used to be great gear, but we see so many energy types used against us in combat now just plain ol' plasma resist doesn't cut it. Voth with AP, Tholians with Tetryon, KDF and Romulans with Disruptor, Mirror ships with Phaser, etc. Unless you plan on having a different set to hot-swap on for each enemy you encounter, it is far better to go with something that resists everything.
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04-04-2014, 11:06 AM

I find the boff seating for running dual a2b to be a little bit meh, because it's too tac heavy. Single a2b still does its job. The second faw ability can be replaced with a torp ability, if you slot a torp instead of a beam. (Torp Spread with Grav Torp for example) I don't know if you have access to all that fleet stuff, if not, just put in whatever you want use. The valdore console is very strong on faw builds, so i would use it.

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