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It seems to me like the Caitian & Ferasan playable character unlocks in the Z Store should just be a single unlock. That is, a single purchase should unlock playable Caitians on the Fed side AND playable Ferasans on the Klink side. You shouldn't have to buy them separately. That's just feels like a complete double-dip.

I suppose that while we're at it, the Klingon Academy / Starfleet Academy purchases should be combined too. Enough with the double-dipping... It should just be "Academy Uniforms" (unlocks Klingon Academy, Starfleet Academy [and eventually New Romulan Academy?] uniforms) as a single transaction for a fair price.

I give as an example the Joined Trill playable character unlock. You buy it ONCE and get it on BOTH Fed & Klink sides for a SINGLE price. Both the Caitian/Ferasan & SFA/KA unlocks should function identically to the Joined Trill unlock. And, if so, anyone who already purchased one or the other should automatically get the other, once this change is made. They shouldn't have to re-buy the new unlock...

Likewise, the "specialty" one-off female outfits: Troi, Seven of Nine & T'Pol seem like a triple-dip and should just be combined into a single transaction. At best, unlock all of them for the same 600 Zen. At worst, offer a triple-pack "bundle" for like 1000 or 1200, like you do for ships.

Likewise the various:
"Enterprise era" uniforms (Enterprise 22nd Century, T'Pol, Mirror 2160),
"TOS era" uniforms (Original Series Uniform, TOS Command Tunic, TOS Dress Uniform, TOS Medical, TOS Mirror, Motion Picture, Wrath of Khan, TOS Romulan),
"Next Gen era" uniforms (Next Gen Uniform, Next Gen Season 1, Troi, TNG Romulan, All Good Things {?}),
"DS9 Era" (DS9 Uniform, Bajoran Militia)
"Voyager era" (Seven of Nine, Racing Uniform)
"Romulan uniforms" (TOS Romulan TNG Romulan, Nemesis Romulan/Reman)
seem like they should all be retooled in the Z store to either build several of them into the SAME unlock or to offer "extreme value-pricing" bundles.

Wouldn't hurt if there were "Federation Bridge" & "Klingon Bridge" & "Romulan Bridge" bundles too... That is, bundle the several bridge variants for each faction together in a single transaction at a REASONABLE price.

Likewise, perhaps, some of the Z store shuttles? Having a "shuttles" bundle (either "game-wide" or "faction-wide") shouldn't be out of the question either...

And probably the multifarious "specialty tribbles" (borg, fluidic, IDIC, Golden, Cannibal {?} ;] ). Wouldn't hurt to have a REASONABLY PRICED Tribble bundle...


I really don't think these things would hurt sales at all. If REASONABLY PRICED, I'd actually expect sales to go up as they become better value propositions.

I'm also hoping that many of the "character-bound" or "one-time" "non-reclaimable" items (ships, shuttles, pets, tribbles, whatever) will be opened up to be A) reclaimable if discarded or dismissed b) account-wide unlocks. Again, a better value proposition for buyers, might just gain profits rather than losing them?

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# 2 Character-specific unlocks?
04-05-2014, 01:26 PM
Seems to me like some of the currently character-specific unlocks should really be account-wide unlocks. Better value proposition.

Tired of having to repeatedly re-purchase the same "services" like inventory slots or bank slots or DOFF slots on each and every character. Seems to me like those things should be account-wide unlocks. I know STO / Cryptic / PWE love double-dipping us for everything and making grinds longer and more painful by the day, but honestly, there's SO MUCH to buy in the Z store, it's not like we're ever going to run out of things to buy. Making the services more useful would make me more likely to buy them... As it is, I tend to avoid most character-specific things like the plague. They're not worth it in my book and my time/money are at a premium. I'll grind for or buy things that are account-wide unlocks and things that are reclaimable. But generally not things that have to be repeatedly purchased over and over again either because they're not reclaimable if you accidentally discard them or because they're not acount-wide.

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# 3
04-05-2014, 02:47 PM
They could introduce an account version like SWTOR. You can either get the single use or account version. Of course the account costs more.
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# 4
04-05-2014, 03:11 PM
I really don't see a need to "raise the price" significantly to transition to account-wide. Don't give them any bad ideas. Perhaps a "minor" pricing change. like from 600 Zen to 800 Zen or 1000 Zen and then just make the functionality account-wide. But I don't think the price should like double or triple or quadruple or whatever. And I don't much care for different "versions" of things.

Personally, I think they should simply "see the light/wisdom" and change the basic functionality based upon player feedback.

Seriously thought, if the inventory unlocks were account-wide, I'd be more inclined to buy all however many 4 or 6 or 10 upgrades, as long as I get all of the purchased upgrades on each character. Again, it's not like we'd stop buying things, we'd simply buy them and then use our money to buy "additional" unlocks (as opposed to having to perpetually buy the same unlocks over and over again).

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