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# 1 "Enter sol system crash"
01-24-2010, 01:27 PM
Od the 1 place u should placed most server power behind, Sol and space station 1 happens to be the 1 place you crash the most when entering, when doing so beeing unable to log in again untill you at Cryptic decided to do a "Maintainance" and somehow forgetting to ad some more power to that/those specific servers.

It is a central point in the game where u have to go to alot of times and al new players go through. So it should be the 1 place you work hardest to make sure it dosent crash and if it does, it shouldent do like now and totaly lock people out from theyr character.

I currently sit here rolling my thumbs and wondering if you guys shouldent postpone the release of the game when you got so extremly many issues still.

I was on my way to Sol to buy some stuff from the exchange and then rejoin my husband in some nice spacebattles. But that idea i can totaly forgett now cause my char is locked away on some godforgoten KB of your servers that still aint running as they should the last days of the beta.

These last days of the beta should be a proof that u got the game ready for launch, but sadly it has proven that it aint ready for launch at al. Any other gamecompany would want the last days in theyr beta run as smoth as the vision they have of the retail verision. And if this is the vision you got of the retail verision you sadly will lose almost al intresst of the broader MMORPG circle and only attract Trekkies.

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