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So don't even really know how to describe the problem...

When I first started sto everything was more or less fine with the graphics (which means I had the same issues everyone else seems to have but not that bad that I couldn't play)

Then I had that infamous texture bug where stuff turned white and I restarted the client.

And since then.... Well everything it too dark. Some colors are more intense (red as a famous example) but in general everything is darker, so dark that I hardly see anything in space.
I played around in the graphic options to find anything related to it, but nothing even slightly effected that.
I restarted twice, no effect.

That said this thing is not entirely new.
Before season 9 that already happened on occasion when accidentally switching from full screen to windowed mode and switching back. But repeating that (switching to windowed and then again to full screen) used to fix that so I never considered it to be a real issue.

Now I have no idea how to fix it...
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